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  1. Planking

    Why do I mow... 😀

    My yard looks worse than I have ever let a yard look. I just can't get time to mow it. Back when I had a few days it was pouring the rain.
  2. Planking

    Feral dogs

    How many millions of people are attacked by dogs right here in the United States? Seems some loonies in government need to simply look at the data. If they refuse to enforce the dang law then what else is left but SSS.
  3. Planking

    Biden: I'm Pushing To End Sale Of Multiple Round Rifles And Pistols

    This is why they make them put their hand on the bible and take a sworn oath in front of the whole world. Then even the biggest idiot can see who the bad guys are.
  4. Planking

    More Problems for FBI in Whitmer Kidnapping Prosecution - Viva Frei Vlawg

    The FBI is the most corrupt law enforcement agency in the world. Where's the body cams? They are constantly committing horrific crimes and they NEVER go to prison.
  5. Planking

    They are targeting conservative news sites.

    They always act like they are of higher moral fiber as the do these things daily. President Joe Biden claimed Wednesday: “You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations.” That is misinformation.
  6. Planking

    Tattoo ideas

    Don't get this one. Lol
  7. Planking

    If You're Going to Make a George Floyd Monument.....

    We need Nancy there presenting the folded American Flag.
  8. Planking

    Is the Sun about to set?

    Heck ive seen people banned on here that were at least funny. That communist literally defended someone assaulting a human baby.
  9. Planking


    I second on the Sawyer's not being a complete protectant from ticks. I was up north last month and it would work some but i still got ticks everyday. First time i have ever used it.
  10. Planking

    Health plantar fasciitis

    I had it in both feet pretty bad but profoot insoles cured mine. I don't even use them anymore.
  11. Planking

    White House laundering bribes.

    At least the Ukraine investigated him when he was an oil and gas "expert". Too bad the "big guy" leveraged tax dollars to get the prosecutor fired.
  12. Planking

    How to Legally Become An "Inside" Trader in the Stock Market

    "No one is above the law" -Nancy Pelosi
  13. Planking

    question for you boaters

    I would give up length before i would width myself. You can tell a big difference in stability from a 48" to a 50". My 1652 mod v will go anywhere my 1450 flat bottom would. It is a little heavier to tow with the 4 cyl but its a much better ride on the big water.
  14. Planking

    Best light 4 season Camper

    Ive had a few also. I like the fiberglass egg style campers the best. Lightweight, pretty tough, good resale and easy to repair. You still see some on the road that are 50 years old.
  15. Planking

    Japan has banned all BLM apparel from Olympics

    BLM is a terrorist organization. Full of the most racist people in the world.
  16. Planking

    Video of child ripping American flag from yard

    He will burn, loot and murder his community one day.
  17. Planking

    Does without fawns

    I have seen more fawns this year than perhaps ever. I believe its because ive pounded the predators.
  18. Planking

    Black Only National Anthem

    The NFL has the "Rooney Rule" it states that in order to hire a person with white skin you have to interview someone else first.
  19. Planking

    Biden invites UN to investigate America for systemic racism

    Well affitmative action is in plain sight. Systemic racism found.
  20. Planking

    No sir!! NO SIR!!!!

    You let us have a monopoly and we will censor everyone that doesn't worship at the alter of liberalism.