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  1. Grainger

    Haven't been able to mow in several days due to rain

    “...skanky looking lawn...”? Does your lawn have liquor on its breath, cheap tattoos, multiple piercings, dark roots and torn pantyhose?
  2. Grainger

    Did Y'all see what Israel is doing?

    Netanyahu: “Miss me yet?”
  3. Grainger

    Haven't been able to mow in several days due to rain

    Yep, I've only mowed 3 x in the past 8 weeks, this usually doesn't begin until Mid August or later. And now it's just getting hotter...
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    Thank You guys!!
  5. Grainger


    Could very well be a dog, I'm not familiar with this one if it is. I Just can't say for sure with out a better pic.
  6. Grainger


    What do y'all think? Sorry not a better pic.
  7. Grainger

    Hen with poults

    Saw this Smoky Grey Hen, another hen and 3 poults about a week ago.
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  9. Grainger

    Left or Right handed?

    LOL! Now I don't feel so weird. Glad you've got it figured out, I should prolly try a little harder.
  10. Grainger

    Broken spypoints

    Thank you for all the info!
  11. Grainger

    Broken spypoints

    Do the Browning’s “link up” like some of the other cell-cam systems?
  12. Grainger

    Broken spypoints

    Be watching to see how you like them, let us know—the Browning’s, that is
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    Can you say “that” on here?
  14. Grainger

    Left or Right handed?

    Lefty here, but only write and eat left, shoot a rifle and use tools right handed. Can shoot a handgun equally well with either hand. Now when it comes to handling a fishing rod, I’m more messed up than a football bat, I cast right handed, then switch hands to hold the rod with the left and...
  15. Grainger

    For Sale 82 K-10 long bed

    Bump for a cool truck!
  16. Grainger

    For Sale 1992 Ford f150 4x4

    With the old school, get out and lock 'em yourself type hubs. That was my job when I was a yout: "Grainger m' boy, hop out and lock them hubs for me..."
  17. Grainger


    First rain of any significance in 6 weeks today, most rain since March. And it only rained for an hour, and not that hard. If you check the Drought Monitor, there is a tiny little .38% of the State in a D1 drought--that's Grainger.
  18. Grainger

    Tree cutting

    Hoo--Boy, that was a big 'un! Heck of a saw. Wish I coulda' snagged that firewood, prolly 3 years worth.
  19. Grainger

    Any watch people? Help needed!

    I would say any reputable Jeweler--he doesn't work at a pawn shop--would be able to help clean/refurbish the watch and resize the band for you. He would prolly also have a good idea on it's monetary worth.
  20. Grainger

    I've been saying this for a few years now

    I really wouldn't expect Trump's children to become plumbers or housekeepers.