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    Meme fun

    She has BEAUTIFUL eyes
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    Meme fun

    There’s a line when they are to big 😂
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    A nickel's worth of free advice..

    Alcohol don’t help in the mix either, trust me I’ve seen it.
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    For one it’s aKa And I have to say is @rem270 😂
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    Mating call...with a response!!

    Rolling dope? Or was it from the exhaust. I’m confused
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    On my campground walk this morning

    She/he is a giant.
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    I love it when it’s around the transition into fall and winter. Something about it just screams college football after a long morning in the woods. I can’t freaking wait
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    Tip of the day.

    Please tell me how 😂
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    For Sale Different mounts

    No interest but may I ask why you are getting rid of these?
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    Why do I mow... 😀

    Same difference
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    18 Reasons why to not get the vaccine

    Bout’ time someone has some since in them.
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    geez california

    They smoke to much weed 😂
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    Could use some prayers

    Sorry to hear that man. Give her time and space as she requested. Be good to her and treat her with respect and show that you genuinely love her and care for her
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    Any meat?
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    Why do I mow... 😀

    That makes 2 of us 😂
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    What’s for breakfast?

    The after picture was to bad 😂. But good lord it was worth every bite
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    Mississippi following suit

    That’ll be good for the population.
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    Feeling a little left out

    Sadly 😔
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    First bandage change

    Meh that’s nothing. I’ve seen worse on here. But I hope it heals quick brother
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    Feeling a little left out

    He will be ok. If he can take it in the political forum then he can take it here