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    BR Competition at Dead Zero weekend after next

    4 hrs and 44 minutes according to maps.
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    Makes an old man proud

    Shot a midrange (600) yard F-class match today at Como MS. and found myself the winner in f-open after the dust had settled...the rifle shot extremely well!
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    Let’s see some Jon boats.

    I have a 1546 Triton, w/25 Yamaha 2007.
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    Kicking tires on new boat

    Boat rated for 50, motor is a 40.
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    Kicking tires on new boat

    Andy, Andy, Andy. Thats an Evinrude bud!! I am a huge Triton fan. DA, got to hear all about it, and went out and got his Triton. To me, nothing rides like one. I rode in DA's, and that proved to me they have it figured out. The one in the background may be eventually for sale. I bought it...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD1966 Browning Belgium Light Twelve

    I am afraid the picture quality is not helping out the sale. If I saw good outdoor pictures with closeups, I`d be in the road myself!!
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    What Happens to Fish Snitches

    On a huge scale...
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    Best I ever shot at 100 yards

    I bet you feel about a foot taller....!
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    Parts Build

    TiminTN insurance agency took care of me great....! Your spot on about the crackhead. The idiot left the bolt to the rifle and cheek piece to the stock. I guess the curly hair on the back of his neck was trying to straighten out from feeling that 357 about to show itself. I had pictures I gave...
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    Parts Build

    Thanks buddy, it handles very good, I really like it!
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    Parts Build

    I had shot an F-class match in Como MS, after the drive home I put the rifle in cleaning cradle in the carport. I would run a few patches through it, and let the chemicals work. About the 3rd trip out to the carport, it was gone. Someone must have seen enough from the street driving by to take a...
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    Parts Build

    BAT action model MB, Shehane MBR stock, Nightforce 15x55 scope on 20-moa aluminum rail. Jewell BR trigger
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    Parts Build

    I had a rifle stolen several months back, and never realized how expensive it was going to be to replace it. I been collecting parts and finally am at my first trip to shoot.
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    Lil cat fishin

    Smile says it all!!
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    Fish cooking oil question

    I would strain it, the particles, or breading that settles will be on the bottom when you fire it up for its next use. You will notice a burned or bitter difference over fresh oil.
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    About Ready

    Making jigs made me hungry...
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    About Ready

    Pulled out one of my Do-It molds, and powder paint. This stuff is old, I have not done any in many years. I think Sardis is going to be my maiden voyage!
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    Just curious

    My wife cleans them in the sink.
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    Birthday fish

    Lord have mercy....
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    Few decent walleye

    Dale Hollow seems to get high marks for walleye. Thats a long way for me. Need to be able to spend a few days. About same drive as Bull Shoals.