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  1. K

    WTB 6.5 Creedmore Hornady 143 grain eld-x ammo

    Picking them up Saturday 😁
  2. K

    Is something wrong with this doe?

    Thin coat,thin skin, high hot humidity! 🥵
  3. K

    For Sale Hornady 6.5 creedmoor 143 eld-x

    I will take them pm sent
  4. K

    Meigs Warden caught baiting

    If a fine was all he got it’s definitely not the same as you and i would get
  5. K

    For Sale Alps turkey vest and calls

    Man what a deal for someone!!!! Fine turkey killing setup!!!
  6. K

    Avoid OpticsPlanet if you can

    Budsguns did have some fir 52 a box and yes optics planet is awful
  7. K

    Meigs Warden caught baiting

    Worked for me thats all i can say
  8. K

    Meigs Warden caught baiting

    It works pretty good when you go over their head
  9. K

    Meigs Warden caught baiting

    When its the third Saturday in a row and you threaten to sue for hunter harassment they finally get the point and go pester someone else
  10. K

    Favorite cologne?

    I want no smell of no kind
  11. K

    Let’s do another

    100-180 what do i win?😁
  12. K

    Kentucky Elk Hunting

    If you actually want to fill your tag and do not have access to a private farm this is your best chance!!
  13. K

    Who’s got mineral sites in already?

    It also wont be your management thats helping slow or control it either. Its not possible in a wild herd
  14. K

    Lightning Bugs

    Really? Been seeing them here since April 6th
  15. K

    I have taught him well....

    Uh nope😁
  16. K

    Who’s got mineral sites in already?

    Another foolish knee jerk reaction to a problem that cant be fixed! Lets shoot them all and social distance them so they dont die😂
  17. K

    Meigs Warden caught baiting

    Hunter harassment also includes nosey over and over again g wardens also guys, when you go above their heads in the chain of command it helps put a stop to the harassment by authority!
  18. K

    Smoking weed in public

    Nope but they have done a fine job of legislating immorality!
  19. K

    We are a bunch of miserable complainers

    I spend all year just the opposite 😂 nothing more serious for me than the turkeys, deer hunts get boring fast 😂