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  1. WTM

    Dale Hollow weekend

    sounds nice. i want to chase gills and shellcrackers there some day.
  2. WTM

    New Shoes

    dont tread on me.
  3. WTM

    New Shoes

    riding on the sooooooooole train.
  4. WTM

    Yellowstone........the series

    there is probably a setting on your tv to compress the dolby dynamic range to make the audio equal. drove me crazy until i found it on my sony. this may help: https://www.lifewire.com/how-to-amplify-dialogue-on-tv-4691892
  5. WTM

    if it aint the squirrels

    yeah theyll get up on their hind legs and pull the branches down and usually breaks them. i usually put some string around them with scent rags sprayed with deer b gone and it keeps them away. the store has been sold out of it so i havent used it this year. i thinned the swuirrels out a...
  6. WTM

    New Shoes

    prolly best, theyd just clog up the justice system.
  7. WTM

    Speaking of Stolen Guns.....

    not only vulnerable to retailers. id hate to be the armorer nco that some of these were assigned to. i remember the days when they would lock down a post if one weapon came up missing...
  8. WTM

    hawke vantage or tract fire 22

    thanks guys. the hawke came in and really bright scope edge to edge, considering its a chinese scope. hopefully it will work well this fall. gonna buy a cz convertible when supplies get better. prolly try a tract on it.
  9. WTM

    Foo Fighters play show for vaccinated fans only

    pretty much. all it is is a piece of paper with some unreadable chicken scratch on it.
  10. WTM

    Illuminated reticles

    not on a deer rifle when all of the leaves are off the trees. like lbl said good glass along with a descent exit pupil is all you need, usually at mid range and lower mag setting. i recently bought an IR scope for a 22 for when the leaves are still on for squirrels in the bottoms it can get...
  11. WTM

    New Shoes

    maybe if he pulls some strings.
  12. WTM

    New Shoes

    trouble is afoot.
  13. WTM

    a little down time reel servicing

    34 years old and they still work as good as good as they did when i bought them. my ugly green bantams/curados still work too. keep em serviced and theyll last. mainly use them on short rods around docks, vertical jigging and tight cover. no telling how many of these one particular celebrity...
  14. E4686A71-C001-495E-AA24-0C7377C063B0.jpeg


  15. WTM

    Hvac question

    you know, this exact same thing happened when my son moved into his new house in january. we liked to froze to death upstairs. i climbed up in the attic and found the home inspector left the cover off the unit.
  16. WTM

    Too old for this crap.

    they make big round bails now that you can move with a tractor.
  17. WTM

    if it aint the squirrels

    its the deer raping my peach trees. im coming out of hunting retirement. “gonna be a lot of shooting and killin going on” this fall.
  18. WTM

    Thanks for Everything

    yeah, a lot easier just to ask a question on here than pilfering through the interweb wasting time looking for answers
  19. WTM

    Foo Fighters play show for vaccinated fans only

    this is for all ticketmaster events. the media is gonna be eating crow when they realize that white men arent the anti-vaxers. can you imagine what is going to happen when they sell tickets to an event which normally would be pre-dominately black, considering only 6% of blacks have been...
  20. WTM

    A good Rockfish

    a big stripper on the lap is always a good feeling.