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  1. RUGER

    Ruger 10/22 trimag adapter

    Pretty nifty. :D
  2. RUGER

    Cable car plunges to the ground

  3. RUGER

    Yellowstone........the series

    I have to use the closed caption deal on about all the shows I watch anymore. Background noise / music etc. makes it impossible for me to hear them.
  4. RUGER

    Yellowstone........the series

    We are only a few episodes from the end of that one too. Gonna have to find something else to watch now.
  5. RUGER

    Lifetime sportsman license question

    Yep for sure. A few of my friends on here surprised my son, and myself, with the cash to buy it for her. He is finally getting around to sending it in. LOL
  6. RUGER

    Too old for this crap.

    Threw a bunch of nickels growing up for sure. I much preferred to haul hay he was selling to what he was keeping. Lighter but they would grub worm on ya if you weren't careful.
  7. RUGER

    My cousin got his stolen gun back after 4 years

    Yep, some federal dude is burning the barrel up in that one.
  8. RUGER

    My cousin got his stolen gun back after 4 years

    Very cool man.
  9. RUGER

    Lifetime sportsman license question

    Thank you sir.
  10. RUGER

    Lifetime sportsman license question

    Do you have to provide a certified copy of a birth certificate if you are getting a child's license that is under 3 years old or will a normal regular copy work? Don't see any specification on the form?
  11. RUGER

    Thanks for Everything

    Yep, whatever you wanna know someone on here knows or even does it for a living. Great people around here.
  12. RUGER

    Yellowstone........the series

    Don't forget, it starts back Sunday, June 20th. I'm excited. :D
  13. RUGER

    a little down time reel servicing

    That is awesome man. I have several of those that I picked up at a yard sale. Still on bass pro extreme rods. Guy used them for striper fishing up North somewhere. :D I use them for catfishing. :D
  14. RUGER

    Foo Fighters play show for vaccinated fans only

    Freaking amazing More power to them
  15. RUGER

    Another vaccination thread

    Apparently not
  16. RUGER

    Another vaccination thread

    Ok, just talked to a friend. His place of employment is fixing to roll out a deal where you go to HR and provide proof you have taken the shot and they give you a wrist band. If you have this wrist band you can go about your day with no mask or anything. If you don't have the wrist band you have...
  17. RUGER

    A good Rockfish

    Very cool!!
  18. RUGER

    Flowers on TV

    Very cool man.