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  1. Rackseeker

    Effects of hunting pressure over the course of a season

    Now come on we all know the peak of the rut is in November everywhere in TN. LOL........
  2. Rackseeker


    Sounds like you have it figured out. LOL... The proper paddling technique will keep the water off of you. Its a good thing a man bun isn't required to kayak because I don't have enough hair on my whole body to have one. Landing big fish is tricky unless your kayak is wide and stable. Mine is a...
  3. Rackseeker

    Selling an item

    Fella came and looked at it, he owns a landscaping business. He gave me his banks contact # and card. Going to get with my bank in the morning and just get his bank to wire the money. Seems to be the best route. Thanks
  4. Rackseeker

    Selling an item

    Yes, this is the best place to get good advise. LOL.. Have got alot of good advise over the last 20 yrs on here.
  5. Rackseeker

    Selling an item

    Yea this is a vehicle in the mid 40k range
  6. Rackseeker

    Selling an item

    Besides cash what is the best way to protect yourself from fraud when selling something. I have never really given a thought on a certified check from a bank, but it may be possible for them to stop payment on the check after they leave with the goods. Dang scammers getting terrible these days...
  7. Rackseeker

    Effects of hunting pressure over the course of a season

    The lesson is, your best chance to kill a 3 1/2+ year-old buck from a particular stand is the first time you hunt it. Odds decline with each subsequent hunt from that stand. I think this varies with the property itself and the hunter. I have seen hunters ruin a area with one hunt in a stand...
  8. Rackseeker

    It's already too hot outside

    After working in a 68-70 degree room all day the heat kills me. Not complaining though, I couldn't work out in the heat all day. The sun is what hurts me, To much sun in the summer and I'm physically sick for a couple days.
  9. Rackseeker

    Painting vinyl siding

    Alot of folks are painting brick homes now. As far as vinyl siding goes I have never seen anyone paint it. I would say prep work would be most of the work. It would be hard for me to paint vinyl siding, with the heating and cooling of the siding. I don't know how paint would hold up to that...
  10. Rackseeker

    Million Dollar Baby

    Good movie
  11. Rackseeker

    Truck prices

    Same here
  12. Rackseeker

    House Builders

    I would hate to be building anything right now.
  13. Rackseeker

    Truck prices

    I love the truck, just more truck than I need. It sits in the garage most of the time, I sold my bass boat and currently looking to downsize to a aluminum boat. Thinking about down sizing trucks also. My wife doesnt really understand wanting to down size since its paid for. Just kicking around...
  14. Rackseeker

    Truck prices

    I have a 2016 GMC 2500 HD 4wd crew cab 6L, with fiberglass topper, clean as new one with 40k miles. I have put 3k miles on it in the last year, thats with 2 trips to Missouri last year during deer season.
  15. Rackseeker

    Truck prices

    Has anyone sold a late model truck lately? I have one I'm thinking about selling. Trying to figure out how to price it. I don't want to under price it in todays market but don't want to over price it to much either. I have been seeing trucks sell well over KBB.
  16. Rackseeker

    Fort Campbell hunters

    I have question if there is anybody that has hunted the Fort for a while. If you know the areas pretty well and don't mind answering a couple questions I would appreciate it. Thanks
  17. Rackseeker

    Did Eli get grounded

    I understand rules are rules and everyone needs to go by them. I enjoyed reading his threads and his comments. Its rare today to see a young person with common sense and not be thin skinned.
  18. Rackseeker

    Pellet Grills

    If I didn't have anything else to do but sit around and babysit a smoker. I would have a wood/charcoal fired smoker. I can throw a couple butts or a few racks of ribs on the pellet grill while I do other stuff that needs to get done. And not be worried about if the temp is correct. You got to...
  19. Rackseeker

    WTB 6x12 single axle trailer

    I bought a 16' tandem axle Lawrimore trailer last August. I was needing a trailer pretty quick. I don't think they are built as good as years past. Maybe because of the worker shortage during Covid, who knows.
  20. Rackseeker

    Looking for building contractors

    Don't know any in your area, but good luck finding someone.