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    Snort Wheeze sound - Bucks only??

    Yesterday evening I was spraying around some old buildings on the farm and suddenly as I came around one building I heard the unmistakable deer sound we call a "Snort Wheeze" from just beyond a fencerow about 35 or 40 yards down wind of me. It sent a chill up and down my back I can promise you...
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    What are these things?

    I got them in some lead I get several years back. They seem to be made of aluminum and the mouth and "eyes" make them look like a fishing lure. But they have a 5/16" threaed stud in one end and what looks like a copper electrode sticking out of their "mouth". I have no idea what they are.
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    Got some Gas Checks!

    The early bird might get the worm but this time the night owl got the gas checks from Midway! They sent out an email notice of "In Stock" status and I happened to be by my computer and placed the order as fast as I could. Now I got 2,000 each for 22, 30, 32 and 35 caliber. 1,000 in both...
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    Shortage Frustration

    This crazy ammo shortage is enough to make a strong man cry. :) Lee sells two versions of the old standard 45 ACP hardball bullet profile in cast bullet molds. I have had one for years that doesn't want to work as well in my guns as I'd like. I was wanting to try the other design so...
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    Name that Cartridge

    OK, not really a standard cartridge but see if anybody can identify what I have here. I got it in some scrap brass from a friend and at 1st glance thought "What in the world is that?" It is easier to figure out if you have it in your hands but give it a shot.
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    Toilet Paper Shortage again!

    My local Publix store was completely out of toilet paper and paper towels again last night. The Kroger's I went to in Winchester Tuesday was running low with only store brand packs of tiny little rolls left. I can't believe it's starting again.
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    Threatening to leave US if Trump elected again

    https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/t ... s-election As if it would be some kind of loss for us to live without them??? What rock star would be worth a moments notice if they had never even existed, much less leaving at the present time. If only they would keep their word and stay out...….
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    Age Request - Update - New photos

    This isn't the best angle but is the best I've got of this buck. I'm interested in what you fellas say about age on this one. I've never seen a buck with a neck this thick this early on my farm with nearly 15 years of trail camera pictures. I've just reviewed the Buck aging guide that BSK...
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    Police Restraint

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUgmc7kKqOI These officers showed patience beyond anything I can even imagine. I'd be more inclined to use a WWII era Flame Thrower on these characters. My hat is off to the officers. I honestly can't imagine a career dealing with this type disrespect then...
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    Trout Stocking - What time of day??

    Was considering trying one of the Trout stocking days in the area for the 1st time. But can't find anywhere a time of day when they release the fish. I figure this is going to be one of those things where a ton of fishermen swarm the area where the fish are being released and that you need...
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    Gutter Guard conspiracy

    Is there any source where a home owner can go buy and install their own gutter leaf guards? I've never made a big effort to find any but when I have looked in the past it seems as if this product is absolutely unavailable unless you pay some contractor about 10% of what your home costs to...
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    9 Point Buck

    I've been on the farm without TNdeer access for the past week but have had some success and failures deer hunting. 1st I shot a one antler spike Thursday Dec 5 thinking it was a doe. Wasn't too upset about it being a buck though. It did give me another chance to use the 35 Remington with...
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    Real Pickup Truck

    Now this is just thinking out loud about buying a truck since I've had the same pickup for almost 32 years now but I was thinking that IF I ever did decide to get another truck (no way I'd replace my 64, just get it a companion) I'd want a real truck with just 2 doors. I understand that these...
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    Social Security Calculation

    Maybe somebody here knows this. I know several of you work in personal finance, retirement planning, etc. My question concerns how Social Security is calculated. I know the general info. I have made an account on the SS website and have checked my employment history and printed out an...
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    Full bore bullet for NEF Muzzle Loader

    The only muzzle loader (rifle) I've ever used is a NEF Sidekick in 50 caliber. Since I mainly bought it for the extra 2 weeks of deer hunting I've always just taken the easiest way to a decent load and used sabots with various under-caliber bullets. Lately I've been thinking of...
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    Question about Stove Type change

    My house has a built in style stove that is built into the kitchen cabinet. In other words it doesn't sit on the floor but is supported by the cabinet. There is about a foot of wood cabinet under the bottom of the stove. My question is this. If I want to convert to a conventional...
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    Land for sale

    I noticed there are 3 large tracts of hunting type property for sale through the auction company that I bought my farm from a few years back. Might be just what some here are looking for. https://www.mclemoreauction.com/
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    Smokey & the Bandit showing in theaters

    I got to see Smokey & the Bandit on the big screen yesterday afternoon for the 1st time since Summer 1977. Several theaters around Huntsville are showing it again so I assume it is available in other areas too so just wanted to pass it along for other fans before its too late. Although I own...
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    Another Age Request

    How old is this buck??
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    Finally got a buck this year!

    It was cold this morning but past experience has shown mid to late December to be the best odds of getting older bucks around my place so I headed out to my shooting house with a Thermos full of hot soup in hand. :) Saw a younger buck around 6:45 then a doe around 7:30. This buck came out...