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  1. UPSman

    Knoxville city mayor is a fool

    https://www.wate.com/news/top-stories/knoxville-mayor-withdraws-from-agreement-that-puts-police-in-schools/ Just saying....
  2. UPSman

    Stimulated the economy a little....

    Been getting worked like a dog since last April. Been looking for a new for shytz and giggles rifle and decided on what I wanted. The hard part was that I haven't seen ammo in 6.5 PRC for like 6 months or more. About a month ago I was able to get a case of ammo for what worked out to $48 a...
  3. UPSman

    Looking for love in all the wrong places......

    Didn't Johnny Lee write a song about that? So when I saw this....it perked my interest🤔 ....to be continued
  4. UPSman

    This is odd...

    I cannot taste or smell anything. Kind of a weird situation not being able to taste something when you know what it should taste like. Guess I’ll be going to get tested for the Rona in the morning.
  5. UPSman

    So if you’re needing some ammo.....

    SMKW has a pretty big selection of 243, 308 and 6.5 manbun in stock right now. It’s mainly ELD Match for the Creedwith a bunch of. Hornady American Whitetail in the others. Just a friendly heads up.
  6. UPSman

    It was another beautiful day.....so, I went for a drive with some friends

    This is the first opening day of gun season that I have missed in a loooong time. To be honest, I really didn't miss it that much. When I get thru paying for my kids college, I am gonna have me one of these. There were Ferrari's, Lamborghini Huracans, McClarens, Porsche 911 GT3's a Ford...
  7. UPSman

    It was a beautiful day...so I went flying

    The Yankee Lady has been in Sevierville for a few days and I went back up today for a VIP cookout and ride. If you are any kind of Warbird nerd, you owe it to yourself to go for a ride. There isn't any sound in the world that can replace the sound of 4 big Pratt & Whitney radial engines.
  8. UPSman

    Sold/Expired 5x10 trailer

    Looking to buy a Ranger and my trailer isn't big enough to handle the new ride so its up for sale. Located in Powell (north Knoxville) In the spring I put a new treated floor in it, replaced the bearings and replaced the wiring harness for the lights. 3500 lb axle ( I believe ) The truck box is...
  9. UPSman

    Sold/Expired Summit Treestand

    I purchased this from that Conkey Outdoors guy and have only used it one time. It is in excellent condition. I forgot which model it is but it is kinda like an Openshot with a flip up seat. Located in Powell (north Knoxville) local pickup or I can meet you somewhere along I-40 between here and...
  10. UPSman

    Nuther post about saltwater fishes.....

    4 days in the grass flats and pounded on the fish. Rods--check Bait--check Fish-- :tu: :tu:
  11. UPSman

    Daniel Miers

    Caught a fish.... :shock: https://www.inthebite.com/2020/04/how-t ... ame-to-be/
  12. UPSman

    Covid-19 recommendations in a nutshell

  13. UPSman

    Sold/Expired Bowtech RPM 360

    Looking to sell my 2014 RPM 360. It is in excellent condition with no dings, dents, scratches, etc. I don't believe I registered it and I am the original owner. It has a set of custom strings that I got from an AT poster that use to specialize in Bowtechs...I cannot remember his name. I also...
  14. UPSman


    So I pussed out and didn't hunt the opening weekend of archery. Figures.....look who was 25 yards from my stand for nearly 30 minutes on opening morning at 8:50 am Stroll back thru this weekend buddy and I am declaring jihad on you :shock:
  15. UPSman

    There is always that one smarta$$

    So we deliver and pickup the ColoGuard colon cancer screening tests. You know...poop in a box. I was helping a guy yesterday at the UPS store in Sevierville and some ding dong had dropped this box off. I like his style :tu:
  16. UPSman

    Gotta say....

    South Dakota is one of the prettiest places I have ever been.
  17. UPSman

    American Muscle

    Spent today in Kingsport looking over these 2 beauties. I was going to go for a ride on the B-29 but the cheap seats filled up before I got there. When I say cheap, I mean $600 for a 30 minute ride. To ride in the bombadiers seat will set you back $1695. Next spring FiFi.....
  18. UPSman

    Sold/Expired CZ 452

    Looking to sell one of my CZ 452's. This is one that I had the barrel cut to 17 inches and it is threaded for suppressor use. The gun has proabably had 3 boxes of CCI Standard Velocity shot thru it and to be honest, I have not shot it since I had the barrrel cut. I sent the rifle to Triple...
  19. UPSman

    Ky elk

    Did anybody see that gagger of a bull that was killed a few days ago? Holy hell, that joker has mass and the body looks like a Roosevelt elk.
  20. UPSman

    Buddies nephew scored

    Dang Smith county deer at that.