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  1. Hymie3

    Asking prayers for my daughter

  2. Hymie3

    Puckered up.

    I jumped a covey of quail walking in in the dark several years ago. I’m pretty sure I lost a year or two off my life...
  3. Hymie3

    Instead of waisting turkey loads on snakes while hunting....

    I’ve had several slither over my boots While Turkey hunting and also see some while walking. I let them be. Poisonous up next to the house is a different story.
  4. Hymie3

    Is it over?

    Gobbled a lot for me last weekend. In Rhea county. Had one at 35 and gun malfunctioned. Bennelli click....got a heavier spring and headed back sat to close the deal.. hopefully
  5. Hymie3

    May be out of line but prayer is needed !

    Prayers sent hope you beat it soon. I’m in Ooltewah if you need anything
  6. Hymie3

    Governor ending mask mandates

    Not literally afraid. It’s a figure of speech. I guess in my small mind I would like to see everyone get back to normalcy.
  7. Hymie3

    I don’t get out much....

    Evidently. Wasn’t aware that this was a thing.... are we so busy that we can’t take our own children to their activities anymore? Also, who is going to trust a stranger with this??? Glad my two are grown..
  8. Hymie3

    April 30, 1975

    Dad served there and father in law who passed few years ago from agent orange leukemia.
  9. Hymie3

    Could use a prayer please ..

    Prayers sent sir
  10. Hymie3

    First public land bird

    Well done! I will try the injection.
  11. Hymie3


    I’m in
  12. Hymie3

    Governor ending mask mandates

    I asked the two millennial ladies I work with last week if they were going to continue to wear the mask at work and both said they would keep wearing them. I wasn’t surprised but I was a little disappointed... a lot of folks are scared in to submission now and forever I’m afraid....
  13. Hymie3

    Truck Tires - Falken Wildpeak AT3, Nitto Ridge Grappler, or Nitto Terra Grappler - Need Opinions

    I have a set of nittos on my z71. I have 65k miles on them. Been fantastic.
  14. Hymie3

    Late April??

    I love cold weather but I was a little underdressed and wet this morning. Few more degrees less and I would be making snowballs. Back at the truck to wait out the downpour. Haven’t heard a peep. Anyone having any success in the rain today?
  15. Hymie3

    Influenza cases down over 99% in the US

    I went for my annual physical this week and had a discussion with my doctor about the vaccine. He pretty much told me not to be a conspiracy theorist about it and take the shot. I’m not going to get it and i told him that. I then asked him about regular flu cases and how there miraculously were...
  16. Hymie3

    Stupid Ticks!

    I’ve had it in the past too and didn’t know it blood sample showed. I’ve been heavy on the sawyers this year and haven’t seen one yet
  17. Hymie3

    I had a close encounter yesterday...

    Now that was funny
  18. Hymie3

    Went through the drive through...

    At Hardee’s about three this afternoon. I try not to eat fast food as much as possible but didn’t get to eat lunch today and decided I would drive through Hardee’s. The guy in front of me waited and waited and finally drove off so I pulled up and sat there for several minutes, no one ever came...