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  1. timberghost35

    Best western movie

    Tombstone, 3:10 To Yuma (Crowe Version), Wyatt Earp, True Grit (Both) Another that I enjoyed and it really showed the hardships, Hostiles with Christrian Bale. Talking about making you upset, the opening scene, that thing had me in damn tears. We had just had our first kid and dang it got to...
  2. timberghost35

    Instead of waisting turkey loads on snakes while hunting....

    I have hunted Tulley for YEARS and I think I can count on one hand how many I have ran across. I know of a couple copperheads and a cottonmouth. Never any rattlesnakes. Only seen 2 rattlers in my whole life. One in Ark in the White River bottoms and 1 in Dickson Co TN. We brush duck blinds in...
  3. timberghost35

    Sophie Swaney Arrest

    He jumped out of the car cause he saw “photos” she had “done” that day. Let’s just say it would have been too raunchy for late night SkinAMax...
  4. timberghost35

    Dang good season in a week and a half

    Welp, took vacation to start the delayed season here in the Mississippi River Valley thingy. Had three birds roosted Fri before opener. Dad and I went in and was set by 5:20. Birds flew down at 6:16 and we shot at 6:26. Only the 3rd time we have ever doubled since we have been hunting for 20...
  5. timberghost35

    What would your next move be? UPDATE- Got'em

    I went this morning to find a spot to set up sat morning. Turkeys were in the field when I walked in. They saw me, kinda half walked into the he woods. I backed out. Working 30 mins, they were back in the same spot... I have also seen them disappear over it. if you know where he is roosting...
  6. timberghost35


    Mine was so bad when I went out to the farm, I would have to swing by my grandparents right after just to wash my face and eyeballs... This year has been hell, but it seems to have settled some the last wk or so. I have been taking allergy meds year round and mid March she swapped me. I...
  7. timberghost35

    What a morning!

    Congrats bud!
  8. timberghost35

    M2 20 help

    See I wouldn’t mind high or even low for that matter. But we all know how a gobbler likes to dodge, dip, dive, duck, and dodge... I’m comfortable with the pattern as far as density, just need it about 2 inches to the left and It would be money. at 20 it was right, at 40 the pattern was spread...
  9. timberghost35

    M2 20 help

    Nope. I tried reading up on them to understand them better, but it did nothing but confuse me even more. Any help would be appreciated if you understand it all...
  10. timberghost35

    Juvi substitute

    If I shaved, do you think the local game warden would believe in a Juvi this wknd? I’m about to loose my mind watching everyone else hunt and me sitting here watching picture after picture of gobblers walking by my Spartan cell cam...
  11. timberghost35

    M2 20 help

    I actually talked to the gunsmith Brandon, at Boss shotshells today. He made the recommendation to unscrew my RR choke 1/4 turn, and shoot a bird shot shell through it. Said sometimes the chokes are machined perfectly center and it will throw the pattern left or right. He told me to try that...
  12. timberghost35

    Benelli m2 20 gauge Rob Roberts 560

    Anyone having any trouble throwing the pattern to the left some? This is a RR .570 with boss 9. I like the density, but it’s a little right. This is at 20...
  13. timberghost35

    M2 20 help

    Edit this is a Rob Roberts .570 and boss TSS 9s.
  14. timberghost35

    M2 20 help

    Anyone have any ideas about how to bring this pattern to the left some. I shot it twice and made sure I did not putt on each shot and they were all like this. Don’t really want to put a vortex on it... also, would the choke make it throw a little off like this? The pattern density is great at...
  15. timberghost35

    This sucks...

    Second year to have a piece of property to Myself and the first year it has a turkey population that I feel Comfortable hunting, but guess what.... I have to wait til the 17th... Sat morning I had 6 different longbeards pass by my cell camera before 8am and one gobbling and strutting at 11am...
  16. timberghost35

    Hunting technique poll

    2- 32.
  17. timberghost35

    Gear/Camo Clothing

    I bought all the Ol tom stuff last year before the season. It is still sitting where it put it. I wear my gamekeeper overalls 99% of the time with a leafy jacket under it. The Ol Tom pants are really nice. The shirts are ok. It all breathes really well. I honestly bought it cause I got tired...
  18. timberghost35

    Does beginners luck work ?

    Patience kills. All it takes is one gobbler acting stupid to kill him. However that same gobbler can act normal and lead to a spring of sleepless nights and frustration...
  19. timberghost35

    Mouth Calls

    I need a couple new mouth calls. Broke them Out last night and noticed my main one was starting to delaminate on the tape side. Any suggestions??