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  1. Rakkin6

    Name this movie

    "Don't forget one thing" "What's that?" " A good supply of bodybags."
  2. Rakkin6

    Great Show

    Just got done watching a show on Amazon Prime called Giant Killer. If you like military stuff it is great. It's about 1 Vietnam veteran and his life before and after the war. Pretty emotional for me to watch.
  3. Rakkin6

    Best western movie

    Not sure if you would consider it a western but the Outlaw Josey Wales is my favorite, with The Unforgiven in a close second.
  4. Rakkin6

    Looking for Ruger or Marlin .22lr

    Hey all looking for a .22 LR for some squirrel hunting. I do like Marlin and Ruger but I am open minded to other brands. I am located in the First Campbell/Clarksville area. I will be traveling to East Tennessee (Wartburg/Morgan County) on Friday. I am willing to drive to pick up. Having trouble...
  5. Rakkin6

    Good for a local kid, made national news

  6. Rakkin6

    Boxer puppies

    Hey guys if anyone knows of or has any boxer puppies I am in the market for one. We had to send our 2 oldest to the rainbow bridge in the last 4 months. We still have 1 that is 2 years old. We tried a rescue that was the same age and they did not get along so we had to take her back (not to the...
  7. Rakkin6

    Snake Gaiters

    How many of you guys in the middle Tennessee area where gaiter or snake boots? I am in Clarksville/Fort Campbell area and I just picked some up. Now I have spent a lot of time in the woods being that I was stationed at Fort Campbell for 21 years and all the training we did plus all the hunting I...
  8. Rakkin6

    Good Boy

    Best dog ever he was a rescue. We are taking him to the rainbow bridge tomorrow. Fourteen year old boxer, but time is hard on all of us. This will be our third animal in 5 months. With having no children at 45-50 years old it's rough. This is all 3 of them together.
  9. Rakkin6


    Well I had one gobbling this morning at about 100 yards. I was on a field and he was in the woodline. I was hoping he would start coming towards me but he wouldn't budge one bit. So I decided to move a little closer towards him maybe by 30 yards or so in the woods. And of course has luck would...
  10. Rakkin6

    835 and 535

    Patterned my Mossberg 835 and 535 today. Both had Indian Creek chokes the 835 had a .675 constriction the 535 had a .660 constriction. Both at 40 yards using 3" TSS #9. Picture on the left is the 535 and the picture on the right is the 835. First time ever shooting TSS it's pretty good. After I...
  11. Rakkin6

    12 Gauge Patterns

    Mossberg 535 .660 Indian Creek 3" Apex TSS #9 40 yards.
  12. Rakkin6

    835 and Indian Creek .675

    This is at 20 yards with my 835 TSS #9 and Indian Creek .675. Only got it out to 20 yards. Was patterning 2 other 12 Gauges and a 20 gauge. By the time I got to my 835 my shoulder was done for. But I know it is on so it should be a couple shots when I go out in a couple days to verify out to 40.
  13. Rakkin6

    Gear/Camo Clothing

    Hey guys just a personal observation and my opinion and I would like yours also. I have looked at the Ol Tom and Nomad turkey hunting pants/hats/shorts etc. But I just can not bring myself to pay the amount of money they ask for them. I live right next to an Academy Sports and get most of my...
  14. Rakkin6

    Treestand and Line X

    Have a buddy that works for Line X, dropped off my Summit Viper Aluminum to him today. The viper is about 5 years old and weighs 20 lbs. This is before the noise dampening foam. Going to have him do a light spray of some OD Green Line X on it. Want to see what the weight difference is when I get...
  15. Rakkin6

    Turkey hunting in ammo shortage

    May be doing this soon
  16. Rakkin6

    New call from String Music

    Just got this call in today from Mark and it is great. It's a double sider in Red Zebrawood crystal over slate with slate on the back. Slate on the back is perfect for tree yelps and soft calling. Crystal is nice and raspy and can get soft or nice and loud. This is a great call from a great...
  17. Rakkin6

    $4.00 a gallon

    Dang it came quick, where are shirtshirt and sun on this one. They said it wouldn't happen. These are prices in Clarksville at Shell on Wilma Rudolph.
  18. Rakkin6

    Looking for Jebs .650/.655 turkey for remington

    Like it says looking to buy a Jebs turkey choke in the .650/.655 for a Remington. I posted in the classifieds but thought it might be good to post in this thread also. Thanks guys.
  19. Rakkin6

    WTB Jebs .650/.655 for Remington

    Looking for a Jebs .650/.655 turkey choke for a Remington. If anybody has one they would like to sell let me know.
  20. Rakkin6

    Coyotes and Raccoons Help

    Hey guys new to the predator thread and predator hunting. So I have a couple quick questions. First will be on coyote. 1. I am limited to shotgun/rimfire rifles where I will be hunting coyote. For you more experienced guys which do you prefer. And if it is a rimfire which caliber would you go...