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  1. hard county

    Possible to manage for trophy deer and be a good steward in cwd country?

    This is the approach we took this year in the heart of cwd country. Shoot 1.5 year old bucks, pass on 2.5s. shoot lots and lots of does. We had 40% positive bucks and 16% positive does. The logic behind shooting 1.5s being they are less likely to make it to maturity and trophy status than 2.5...
  2. hard county

    Did a little experimenting today

    Frost seeded this 1 acre plot today in a bottle neck of a hay field with 25 lbs of red clover. Property owner understandably doesn't want the soil tilled because of the extremely erosion prone area so I had to get creative. Mowed starting at the center of the plot throwing thatch to the outside...
  3. hard county

    Best budget cell cam with "live feed" option

    One of my duckblinds has variable water levels. Its far enough from the river the river guage isn't reliable enough. Another issue is the way we access the property changes based on the water level. My idea is to attach a cell camera to the front of the floating blind with a yardstick in view...
  4. hard county

    Planting cereal rye after leaf drop in woods

    Anyone with experience doing this? A lot of my poplars have already dropped them. Was thinking I'd look for some places to rake back the leaves and throw out some and maybe some 54-0-0. I think the rye would have the latest seed date and fewest fertility requirements. Any suggestions? Sent...
  5. hard county

    Favourite trees for hinge cutting.

    I know hinge cutting can accomplish alot, browse both from the tree and the extra light hitting the ground, cover, thermal cover if it's an evergreen, funneling, and the commercial reasons like adding sunlight to more marketable surrounding timber. That said, what species do you find yourself...
  6. hard county

    Blind brush that will root?

    We have a blind built up high in the shade of some trees and a couple willows we brushed with last year had green leaves on them last week when we checked it out. Are there any other species of trees that are good about doing this? Its going to have water around it most of the year and its...
  7. hard county

    Random deer vision thought

    Best/most common color for hunting deer? Brown. Worst color? Blue. Color we can see well but they can't? Orange. Color you get when you mix Blue and Orange? Brown. So, if an object is absorbing red and yellow light and reflecting blue light (what happens when we wear blue) it glows blue to a...
  8. hard county


    Anyone else on here eat only game meat? Pretty easy in unit l to fill a deep freeze or two. I had cancer several years back and made the switch after 16 rounds of chemo. Can be hard to eat at restaurants but its been great for me, hardly ever get sick, don't have to worry about my weight...
  9. hard county

    Tree saddle questions, didnt want to hijack the other thread

    Thanks to Godwin for asking about tree saddles, thanks to that thread I've been watching tree saddle videos all morning. My two favorite hobbies are hunting and rock climbing, how did I not look into this sooner? I became more aggravated at myself when I realized I have most of the stuff to put...
  10. hard county

    New micro plot. My method

    I cleared out this half acre spot this year and just planted it. I thought I'd share my thought process with you guys. #1 site selection. Sage was already on the ground in this spot and all the stumps you see are from gum trees which are as worthless to wildlife as sawmills. A few hours with a...
  11. hard county

    Scent spray/detergent/shampoo/toothpaste experimenting

    After a few hours research, some trial and error, I came up with what I believe to be several good recipes for scent elimination. I think the science behind the formulas is as good or better than the commercially available products at a fraction of the cost. The spray is 1 gallon distilled...
  12. hard county

    Rethinking all the sawtooths.

    I have on my property so many persimmons that its like not having them. Sawtooth oaks are a non-native invasive and I dont know that they will help management in the long run and they may become the next kudzu. (Imagine if you heard about a plant that grew that well with that kind of protein...
  13. hard county

    what happened after 2001?

    Something has changed. The blind myself my dad and my brother hunt has gone from killing 350 a year to 150 to now 75. This year the best day has been 4. What is going on?
  14. hard county

    American beautyberry

    Harvested some berries today, deer are suppposed to eat the leaves, quail and turkeys eat the berries. Im excited about starting several shrubs, but I was wondering if anyone had any experience drying the berries and starting the seeds.
  15. hard county

    Plans for the spring

    I think next year I am going to plant every unshootable part of my hunting plots in either corn or kenaf. The only reason I dont plant more corn is because you cant see through it well enough to get a shot. I would think it would be the same with kenaf. I think both of these would make a great...
  16. hard county

    The best local source for Bi-color lespedeza

    Needing a privacy hedge asap and wanting to get some of this planted this fall, The state just widened and moved Hwy. 64 and exposed a thick two acre cloverfield! Im already planning on maybe poplars, pines, or leyland cyprus in the spring, But Im wanting some kind of a shrub for this spring...
  17. hard county

    "visionaries of the ages"

    ........According to Whitetail Institute! Teddy Roosevelt, Aldo Leopold, and the big finish Ray Scott? I have defended WI in the past as they dont have a bad product and they take out the guess work for a lot of hunters, but this is arrogance. Thats right Ray Scott is in the top three of all...
  18. hard county

    Age of antlerless deer harvests.

    Ok what is best, as far as I can tell there is some dispute among qdma members with this topic. My questions: What is the best age class doe to kill in an overpopulated area? What is the best (if any) age class doe to kill in an underpopulated area? What is the best age class doe to kill in...
  19. hard county

    small burnet tea

    Steep one teaspoon of fresh leaves with one cup of water for a watermelon, cucumber taste.
  20. hard county

    chicory coffee

    Recipe for all of you food plotters, pull up several chicory plants root and all, after a rain is usually best unless you have very loose soil. Disgard the leaves or make a salad with them, although I must warn you, I dont like them and find them bitter. After you have harvested the roots...