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    Day traders?

    I know it’s a long shot, but will anyone with day trading experience send me a pm? Thanks in advance!! -AA
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    7.62x51 Walmart Cookeville/Algood

    21.98/box of 20 Winchester FMJ. Better than none.
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    Lock and load- hornady

    Looking into getting a reloader. What’s everyone’s experience with the lock and load kit?
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    NRA vs GOA

    Which do you support and why? Hopefully this will fit here and not in the political thread. Last I sent any money to the NRA was before their support for the “bump stock ban” and they sent a “membership gift” made in Chyna... I want to support an organization that has the interest of the USA...
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    Sound off- How’s the weather in your area?

    Light glaze of ice on porch here near Cookeville.
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    Fence question- Do you know fencing?

    We're wanting a 6' vinyl privacy fence around our 1/2 acre lot. Anyway, I've had a couple of bids and the next to the best price said something along the lines of "You'll have to make sure they use a metal rail along the bottom of the fence or it'll sag. Seen plenty tore apart that away." When I...
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    Snack Sticks?

    I plan to make and smoke some 17mm snack sticks this weekend. Two questions, what ratio of fat (I'm using fatty beef bacon) do you typically use? Also, I know with regular cooking methods leaving any silverskin or other gristle is not a good idea... how much can I get away with when grinding for...
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    Bumped nasty large buck... Advice?

    Just like the title says, just before dark yesterday at 4:10 I saw a buck with headgear so large it was almost ugly. I'm talking bases the size of coke cans. I've only hunted the spot twice and have seen deer every time. Oaks in the middle of cedar thicket. Both hunts, the bucks have came from...
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    Auto-body trade school? Outside vehicle?

    I know it’s a long shot but is anyone on this site associated with a trade school? If so, could I beg some auto body work? My dads old truck, which is now mine, is pitiful from a paint standpoint. Needs primer/paint, cab corners, and a couple dents pulled. It’s a 90 model Cheyenne. Standard cab...
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    Electric wire heat wrap? (Chevy engine bay)

    Truck went down yesterday morning due to starter wire sitting on header and burning in two. Long story short, duct tape and bubble gum got me home. Question is, what type of heat reflective tape would be useful for wrapping the electrical wires in the engine bay that have the potential to...
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    Turkey quota hunt?

    Never been on a quota hunt. Is the turkey hunt worth applying for or are they too crowded? Which may I have best luck on typically? I could prob stay around Knoxville with family for the oak ridge hunt if it’s any count? Thanks, AA
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    Flashlight use?

    New to turkey hunting. I went and didn't hear a single thing this morning. Wondering if I should use a flashlight to get to where I found some turkey sign today (3/4 mile back in big/tight woods) so I can get closer before they wake up. I generally have been going in at "grey light" when I can...
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    Prayers Appreciated!

    I have a big job interview tomorrow and would really appreciate prayer! Thank you, AA (The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. -James 5:16)
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    Advice for bluegill bank/ kayak fishing?

    I’m looking to fish in the headwaters of Cordell hull and usually only catch around 4-5 3.5” bluegill per trip. They’re my favorite fish to eat but I’m not sure how to really get on ‘em. I have a kayak but no fish finder so I fish with little to no understanding of bottom structure. I mainly use...
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    I’ll buy your drill press, table top sander, or bandsaw!

    Getting some woodcraft going and I thought I’d reach out. Have cash but would also be willing to barter with personally turned pot calls, strikers, or pens. Thanks, AA
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    Sold/Expired ISO: Drill press, band saw, table top belt sander

    Getting some woodcraft going and I thought I’d reach out. Have cash but would also be willing to barter with personally turned pot calls, strikers, or pens. Thanks, AA
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    The Case for Christ

    Great movie. On Netflix. Worth watching, 10/10!
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    New year checking in

    What's the gossip? Okay, just kidding. Haven't been around in a while but I'm on board again! Good to see several familiar names still posting. -AA
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    Fish finder?

    I have always wondered about using a fish finder but I've always told myself I can't figure one out and it probablly wouldn't help anyway. I've just started looking today and it seems that they aren't too unreasonable. I have a kayak that I take out maybe 10x's/year and I'd love to be more...