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    Jaw bone age

    What do you guys think?

    Investment ideas

    If you had some extra cash laying around that you could afford to tie up into something what would it be? Let’s say somewhere between 20-50k.

    Custom kids bed w/slide

    Anyone needing a cool bed for a kid? It is elevated with a ladder to get into it, a slide for quick exit, storage area underneath with door and rails to keep them in it. I don’t have any good pictures and don’t have exact measurements because I never had plans on getting rid of it when I took it...

    A short story

    The King wanted to go fishing, and he asked the royal weather forecaster the forecast for the next few hours. The palace meteorologist assured him that there was no chance of rain. So the King and the Queen went fishing. On the way he met a man with a fishing pole riding on a donkey...

    Montgomery county 9 mm

    Anyone near Montgomery county interested in loading 9mm rounds for me? I have around 3000 primed cases and bullets. I have powders but not sure if have have any that will work for 9mm. If anyone is interested let me know a price. Thanks Now that I think about it I’m not sure how many cased...

    DL question

    The ole lady changed her name (we got married) and received this license. What does this mean? I have never seen it before.

    Another amazing place thread.

    Purchased a gun from cecil30-30 but he lives 3.5 hrs away. Mattt was traveling from his direction to mine and took time out to meet Cecil and then swing by and meet me. Cecil thank you for working with me on this and Matt thank you for the transport. Worked out great and the ole lady has a new gun.

    KVD class act

    My buddy William won the Big Bass Splash on Guntersville last weekend and took home a brand new boat along with a pile of cash. While accepting his trophy he held it over his head saying “I feel like Kevin VanDam”. The promoter of the tournament knows KVD so he gave KVD Williams phone number and...

    Anyone traveling east to west?

    Have a package the needs a ride from Morgan county (or Knoxville)to Clarksville(or Nashville). Anyone going to be in that direction or close?

    Catfish weight?

    Caught this guy on a spinning rod with 20 lb braid with a 10 lb leader fishing a small jigging spoon for yellow bellies and stripe. Took around 45 minutes to get him in. What do you think he will weigh? 49” long and 32” around.

    Wild ride

    This guy was lucky!

    “I’ll fix it later”

    Ever have those annoying little problems with things that aren’t really a big deal......until there a big deal? Well my four wheeler sometimes on cold starts idles high so if it’s in gear it will start moving. No big deal right? WRONG. I asked my 9yo to back it out of the shop for me. He...

    Guntersville guide

    Anyone have an experience with a guide on Guntersville? Going in a couple of weeks and am considering hiring a guide for a day. I went with a guide on KY lake a few years ago but it was not a good experience so I’m kinda hesitant but if someone has a good recommendation I may do it.


    May possibly have a place to lease in Montgomery county. 90 acres 90%field 10 minutes from my house. What should I expect to pay? He has never leased it, only let people hunt it here and there.

    I am not a teacher

    I received an email yesterday afternoon saying my son was exposed and has to learn virtually. Up to this point the ole lady has done the virtual when required but with the short notice yesterday it was easier for me to take off work. The learning/teaching is one thing but these dang computers...

    Shop is done

    I started building my shop about a year ago and have slowly been getting it finished. Finally got drywall,paint,trim done and a little pallet wood up around the bathroom.

    My new ride

    It was a pleasure meeting with Dover Mike yesterday to picking up this sweet little ride. Mike is a great guy if you ever get the chance to meet him do it

    Educate me please

    My 9yo is wanting a motorcycle. I’m not looking to get him one right now but stopped at the Honda shop just to look. When I was riding you had 1 choice..2 stroke and chose from 80, 125 or 250. Now they have 2 stroke, 4 stroke, odball sizes (to me), big wheel, etc. I’m lost especially since they...


    The ole lady and I are going to Dayton tomorrow and staying for a few days to do some fishing. Any must do’s or any good restaurants that are open? Looks like rain on and off a couple of days so we may have some down time.

    Buffalo sauce!

    My son (9) asked me not too long ago where Buffalo sauce comes from and without thinking I told him it comes from a gland under the buffaloes tail. Now he is telling all of his friends where buffalo sauce comes from and he is convincing too because he believes it. Lol I remember when I was...