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  1. Rakkin6

    Name this movie

    Hey now stop blasting Rambo, it was great. 🤣
  2. Rakkin6

    Not me

    I am married to and am madly in love with a beautiful Greek chic in my opinion anyways. But if something happend between us I would never get married again.
  3. Rakkin6

    Bill Lee opts out of unemployment bonus

    I can't understand this, I am retired my wife still works and we invested some money. We cashed out plus my retirement and her income are enough for us to live on. But after about a year of being retired and being a POS I got a part time job because I was going insane and felt useless. I already...
  4. Rakkin6

    Prayers answered

    Thank God
  5. Rakkin6

    Gas and diesel shortage

    I hate to be that guy that panic buys ( like the toilet paper shortage of 2020) but I am going to fill up both trucks. Started a part time job this morning at UPS. So I will be driving to work 4 days a week now. Since I retired pretty much just driving to the gym and hunting, but now I am...
  6. Rakkin6

    Name this movie

    Yes sir, Rambo First Blood. Watching it now and haven't seen it in forever.
  7. Rakkin6

    Name this movie

    "Don't forget one thing" "What's that?" " A good supply of bodybags."
  8. Rakkin6

    derby winner

    Yeah thanks I already know that I am screwed.
  9. Rakkin6

    Civil War question

    Sherman was a bastard but he understood what you had to do to win. I can respect that, I am from the south. When he made his March he did what he had to do to win.
  10. Rakkin6

    Great Show

    Just got done watching a show on Amazon Prime called Giant Killer. If you like military stuff it is great. It's about 1 Vietnam veteran and his life before and after the war. Pretty emotional for me to watch.
  11. Rakkin6

    Civil War question

    Makes sense to me
  12. Rakkin6

    Civil War question

    Let me ask you a question then was Schwarzkopf a better general than MacArthur. We didn't win Korea which he was in charge of?
  13. Rakkin6

    Civil War question

    Some people are not going to like this answer but Nathan Bedford Forrest was pretty good. There is a good book about him called That Devil Forrest. Now obviously what he did after the war is different.
  14. Rakkin6

    Pistol opinion

    SIG all day for me, Glocks have the worst triggers ever.
  15. Rakkin6

    Movie Trivia

    I have one for you guys, the triple nickel 555.
  16. Rakkin6

    derby winner

    I had Mandaloun winning, how does this work for paying out bets I wonder since Mandaloun finished 2nd.
  17. Rakkin6

    Most intense movie

    Misery when Kathy Bates hobbles him is rough. Savings Private Ryan is intense especially the opening scene. I was maybe a 19 year old PFC maybe Specialist when it came out, I remember watching it with my Great Aunt who was a little girl during the war and we had to turn it off because she was...
  18. Rakkin6

    Best western movie

    Not a chance will I watch Brokeback Mountain. Could be great acting but I will pass. Not my style. If I want to watch two gay cowboys I will watch Will Smith and Kevin Kline in Wild Wild West.
  19. Rakkin6

    this time tomorrow *UPDATE*

    Sorry didn't mean to offend I didn't realize he was 14..didn't know 14 your olds could drive. Am I missing something here?
  20. Rakkin6

    What is everyone reading these days?

    Seems like there are a lot of outdoors books being read. I just try to stray from what I know that's why no outdoor books for me (trust me I wish I knew more), but I have always tried to and enjoyed to read outside my sphere if that makes sense. I would rather know a little about everything than...