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  1. ImThere

    Anyone sand blast / powder coat?

    I would like to have these pieces sand/ soda blasted and powder coated. Anyone here do this type of work?
  2. ImThere

    Unsupported ceiling ???

    Hey guys in our living room we have 22’ of unsupported ceiling and I’m questioning if it was built this way or did someone remove a wall yeas ago. There is no evidence that a wall was removed even the paneling/ shiplap is completely unaltered from the living room side. what do you think?
  3. ImThere


    I have a question for y’all. I met our neighbor yesterday, she has lived at her house for 16 years. She was telling me how much they love walking around the lake. She is telling me about walking along my trail on my land. I tell her it’s private property and I want to know who’s on it. I do not...
  4. ImThere

    Milwaukee ratchet?

    Any one have one of the 3/8 drive 12 v ratchets? I needing something and think this would work great but wanting some feedback
  5. ImThere

    Something actually funny

    Today I’m working in Des Moines, Iowa we are working along on this piece of equipment and need the company maintenance to fix something on their end. So we’re working and the Engineering manager comes along and set our crate of parts down. When he does my partner says thank you sir To which the...
  6. ImThere

    Pole saw??

    Recommend me a pole saw. I need one and am seriously considering the dewalt. Should I get battery or gas? And particular brand to buy or stay away from? I have both Milwaukee and DeWalt battery operated tools if that’s should be a consideration
  7. ImThere

    House /flower bed question?

    If you look at the pictures you can see the flower bed is around a foot over the wood siding, this isn’t normal is it? This is the house we just bought I was a little confused today. It seems like the bricks and flower bed need removed? Am I wrong? Won’t the water in the dirt rot away the wood...
  8. ImThere

    Have you ever?

    Parked your mower and while it’s running. Come back 3 weeks later and it is locked up tighter than dicks hat band? Freaking weird!! I parked my zero turn before I left on business trip tried to start it today and the starter would just click. I tried to jump it and the starter started to smoke...
  9. ImThere

    Lawn trailer?

    Are they useful or a waste of money? I thought hauling one behind the mower would be useful but I figured I would ask? I’m looking at just a cheap dump trailer just seems better than a wheel barrel?
  10. ImThere

    More mower ????

    Tires. Recommend me some tires to use going up and down hills. I have a zero turn if that make a difference. I cannot even mow my lawn on dry days. I have to wait until late afternoon and even then I can only mow the top of the hills on the mower then I have to weed eat. Do I need aggressive...
  11. ImThere

    OMG! Lol

  12. ImThere

    How much does stupid cost on a Tuesday??

    Our a/c had been acting up in our new house. I “looked” at it briefly making sure it hadn’t tripped a circuit breaker and made sure the fan came on when turned on. I called out Fuller a/c and Plumbing out of Muscle Shoals. They showed up in just a couple of hours. He done a couple of tests and...
  13. ImThere

    So does????

    Spectrum suck all the time or just every time I’m trying to use it? Our house in Fayettville has the absolute worst internet I have ever had going all the way back to dial up!!!
  14. ImThere

    Chain saw info?

    I bought the sthil ms170 that was recommended to me by you guys. I literally cut down one tree and it needs a new chain or sharpened what gives? Is this normal? It’s getting oil.
  15. ImThere

    What kind of dog?

    Recommend us a dog We just bought a new house down in Al on 6 acres with a lake. Non fenced. The dog will have run if the property, very likely to be inside at night and run during the day. our kids are mostly grown but we have 6 grandkids, I don’t want to have to worry about them being bit...
  16. ImThere

    Snake help?

    Can anyone tell what kind of snake this maybe?
  17. ImThere

    WTB cultivator

    Anyone have one of those small cultivators you pull behind a lawn mower that you want to get rid of? Like this disc?
  18. ImThere

    Haha!!!!!! lol

  19. ImThere

    What a day.

    Started of working on a Dana 50 front end on my f250 which I apparently have no business doing ended it looking 5 hours through a storage not finding my shotgun slugs so I can go on my draw hunt tomorrow. I did however find the slug gun. I freaked out when it wasn’t in the safe after Catman...
  20. ImThere

    Chainsaw advice

    What size would you guys advise me to purchase? I don’t think I will be cutting down a lot of bigger treee but hope to have 5 acres to take care of and it has older trees and a few HIGE magnolias. 14-16-18” how many cc’s? What brand? I seen the craftsman was $149 and the hasqvarna was $179 for...