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  1. timberghost35

    Dang good season in a week and a half

    Welp, took vacation to start the delayed season here in the Mississippi River Valley thingy. Had three birds roosted Fri before opener. Dad and I went in and was set by 5:20. Birds flew down at 6:16 and we shot at 6:26. Only the 3rd time we have ever doubled since we have been hunting for 20...
  2. timberghost35

    Juvi substitute

    If I shaved, do you think the local game warden would believe in a Juvi this wknd? I’m about to loose my mind watching everyone else hunt and me sitting here watching picture after picture of gobblers walking by my Spartan cell cam...
  3. timberghost35

    M2 20 help

    Anyone have any ideas about how to bring this pattern to the left some. I shot it twice and made sure I did not putt on each shot and they were all like this. Don’t really want to put a vortex on it... also, would the choke make it throw a little off like this? The pattern density is great at...
  4. timberghost35

    This sucks...

    Second year to have a piece of property to Myself and the first year it has a turkey population that I feel Comfortable hunting, but guess what.... I have to wait til the 17th... Sat morning I had 6 different longbeards pass by my cell camera before 8am and one gobbling and strutting at 11am...
  5. timberghost35

    Mouth Calls

    I need a couple new mouth calls. Broke them Out last night and noticed my main one was starting to delaminate on the tape side. Any suggestions??
  6. timberghost35

    Mountain Monsters

    Does anyone watch this show? My wife and I used to watch it when it came out, and laugh out butts off. Just caught the new season so we have some new TV to watch. It’s a dang trip man!! For people who don’t know, it’s about a group of guys from WV who run around the mountains chasing Bigfoot...
  7. timberghost35

    9mm 1911 compact mags

    I have 2 brand new Wilson Combat 1911 9mm mags. Never been fired or in a gun for that matter. Both were $75 new. Asking $40 for both tyd or meet.
  8. timberghost35

    Drop Rack and Trailer Hitch

    Besides fabricating a extended piece, anyone know where I can get a piece that lets me tow a trailer with a drop rack?
  9. timberghost35

    The Legend of Tank ends

    Welp, Tank made it to his final resting place this afternoon. The taxi did a wonderful job and did him justice.
  10. timberghost35

    Yamaha boat Motor help..

    Anyone work on Yamaha boat motors? If so pm me. I have a couple questions about a 2002 Yamaha 2 stroke 40. Having a problem with the motor starting or running when the motor is tilted up like your running in shallow water. It acts like it doesn’t want to get gas and goes dead. motor will not...
  11. timberghost35

    Spartan Verizon GoCam

    Like new Spartan Verizon GoCam. Wife bought it back during Nov for me and I really haven’t used it. Comes with everything like it would from Spartan. $200. Will meet or ship.
  12. timberghost35

    Spartan GoCam

    Anyone interested in a Spartan GoCam, shoot me a message. I have one I’d like to sell to someone who is gonna use it. Wife got it for me and I haven’t used it like I thought I would.
  13. timberghost35

    Rona Buck

    Well, if anyone read my thread on the main forum, i tested positive for the Rona yest. So now I’m off work and had plenty of time to deer hunt. With one tag remaining, I had my eyes set on a really nice 10 that has shown himself a couple times. So off I went this afternoon. Already bored from...
  14. timberghost35

    Welp looks like I can go back deer hunting now...

    Tested positive for Rona yest evening. Started showing symptoms for just a runny nose and crude Sat evening. Sunday woke up and was a little worse. Yest morning woke up and was worse again, but still wasn’t horrible. Went to dr yest and thought I was just gonna get a cocktail shot. Come to...
  15. timberghost35

    Last Thread of Tank

    So if some of you may remember the story of Tank back In Late Oct and Nov. after shooting him, he went straight the the taxi. He skinned him and called and told me to come get the rack of I want til he was ready for him. So I had him scored and took some better pics of him away from his body...
  16. timberghost35

    Ol Bruiser Update aka, Tank

    So some of you may remember the trail cam pics I posted of the big bodied deer a few wks ago. I hoped he stuck around, but he didn’t. He has been missing for around 3 wks now. Not a single pic of him. well guess you made an appearance... Tank showed up this morning running a couple smaller...
  17. timberghost35

    Can someone who doesn’t mind a long deer chat pm

    I need some help on a problem. Hunted this certain area back around 2007/8, and then moved away for awhile. Just moved back and i Just can’t figure it back out. If someone who doesn’t mind a lengthy chat, please me...
  18. timberghost35

    Still around for now... (bruiser showed up cont..)

    Welp, finally got a couple more pics and even a video of him. Hopefully he keeps hanging around for the next coiple wks. (This is from the bruiser showed up thread below where the pics got deleted) The first pic was more recent. The walking pic was one of the first I got of him. Tell me what...
  19. timberghost35

    Old Bruiser showed up out of nowhere...

    Had this old fella show up last night. Had been getting pics of two diff bachelor groups and I noticed in the older one, there was always a deer off alone that looked like a tank. Finally while sitting at work, my Spartan threw me this pic. Got him coming into the cutover at 9:40, and leaving it...
  20. timberghost35

    Tikka T3X and Hornady ammo

    So I have a question for you fellas who know more about this than me. I have always shot a 30.06, but decided I needed a new toy. Found a really REALLY good deal on a Tikka t3x Stainless Hunter. (Wood stock, stainless fluted barrel) in 7mag. Now here is my question.... I have literally looked...