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    Feisty Redhead

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    New plots

    Getting some new food plots in shape. Although, to say it's muddy would be a serious understatement. Almost impossible to walk across them right now.
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    Went to check some pine seedlings I had planted the week before only to find the bulldozer operator working with the logging crew had gone back and resmoothed skidder ruts I had already planted. Had to replant a couple hundred seedlings I had JUST planted. When it rains it pours... :mad:
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    Another bad day at work

    So am I blessed or cursed? While mapping a skidder road in the bottom of a valley that had just been timbered, I was sitting on my ATV, idling but in gear, looking down at my GPS, when I hear a loud CRACK! Glancing around I see a couple of trees uphill from me seemingly moving. Looking...
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    Drier weather

    Wow, do we (read: I) ever need a stretch of drier weather. All this ice, sleet, snow and rain has the ground seriously waterlogged. Had to shut down the winter timbering on my personal property until the soil dries out a bit. Log skidders were sinking in the mud.
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    Best job ever?

    Whenever deer hunters I talk to find out what I do for a living, they often comment about how I have the coolest job in the world. Well, sometimes. And then there are days like I had the other day...
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    For the TNdeer long-timers

    Going through some old digital images and found this one. David Jolley holding my daughter many years ago.
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    Top-quality hunting clothing

    Tenntrapper's post on camo clothing got me thinking about I question I've been meaning to ask. In the past, I always used Bass Pro as sort of the "WalMart" of the hunting world. I bought a lot of stuff from them. But when I wanted top-quality hunting clothing, I went to Cabela's. However...
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    On my soapbox again...

    I promised myself I wouldn't do this, but I can't hold my tongue. To start, I almost never watch TV hunting shows because they're so unrealistic, and often present inaccurate biological/management information. To say they infuriate me would be an understatement. I also think they often...
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    Anyone know what ever happen to RoboDeer?
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    Chicken litter

    Had a client ask if I knew where he could by truckloads of chicken litter. I don't. Anyone done this for fertilizer?
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    First deer pictures

    OK, Buckbstr_1's old deer hunting pictures got me reminiscing about when, years ago, there was a thread on here with pictures of everyone's first deer. So let's seem them again! 1979. I was 17. For that time, this was considered a HUGE buck for southern KY. Neighbors from all over came to...
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    Social Media

    Am I the only person on the planet that uses no social media? Seems like it at times. Closest thing to it is I text from time to time. Is that "social media?" I don't really know what a hashtag is and I've never seen a Twitter feed. I've never been to a Facebook page. I don't know what...
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    Legal road access question

    How does one find out what roads are actually public access? Is there a point at which a road no longer maintained by the county becomes private to the landowner?
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    Pfizer Covid vaccine

    Don't remember how, but years ago I got on a local research firm's list of volunteers who would be willing to be part of new drug trials. Got a call from them back in August wanting to know if I would be interested in being part of a Phase III trial of a Covid vaccine. I said I most certainly...
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    Short history of the trail-camera

    In a private conversation, Andy S. asked me about the earliest trail-cameras. I responded giving a brief history of trail-cameras that I remember (as I was somewhat involved). Andy S. thought the conversation should be shared with everyone. I've added a few new details as well: My mentor...
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    Strange video

    Going over my last videos of the year, and came upon something I've never seen on my place. A river otter loping along through a food plot. And right behind it is a bobcat!
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    Video versus still images

    I use trail-cameras almost exclusively for running season-long unbaited camera censuses. I want to see what bucks are using a property through the late summer, fall and early winter months (September through mid-January). I do this by placing cameras in likely deer high-activity areas...
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    The 2020 antler conundrum

    Although I shouldn't complain about some the monster bucks being killed this year, I'm deeply concerned about future years. First, let me admit I have absolutely no idea why antler development has been so phenomenal this year. In my area, and I'm hearing similar data from other parts of the...
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    Best night image quality and flash distance on no/low-glow cam

    The company that made my favorite trail-cameras has gone out of business. As my old cams die one by one, I'm looking for a new brand of no-glow or low-glow camera for monitoring large open areas, like food plots. I switched to a new brand of camera this year because of advertised claims of...