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    Does she have a beard?

    While shrooming today, these hens and I walked up on each other. It's already zoomed in some, but try to zoom in on the closest bird. Is that a beard, or maybe the far wing? We've had a bearded hen here for the last few years..unless this is her, haven't seen her this year. It's not a trick...
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    Morel eyes are necessary

    For the last 2 weeks I've been checking an area that was the mother load last year. It's a fence line. I walk down one side, cross the fence, and walk back. Last year they were on both sides. I knew I needed to find the first one, to get my morel eyes, just couldn't seem to do it. Went up today...
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    A gut feeling...

    The wife wanted me to take her and the kids to Knoxville this evening. She won't drive there..says people are crazy. I agree, but I've driven all over this country...guess I'm used to it. Anyway, we were on this 2 lane Rd. It's actually a numbered highway, but it's a narrow road with no...
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    Ulu question

    What would you use an Ulu for? Not the big thin ones they sell for chopping food, but the smaller, heavier ones. I bought one several years ago. Tried to skin a deer with it, but my knife works much better. We're/are they used for fleshing? Besides Eskimos, who would use this? Thanks
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    Where is that boy.....YO.....Eli...

    Just wanted to send you a knife to help you in your hunting quest. You know...in case you get lucky...lol. Anyway, it's a Puma fixed blade..don't remember the model. It's 7.25" overall...and very sharp. It has been used, so it has some scratches and stains, but it's a good knife. If it's...
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    Stranger at the door..

    Friday evening I was up at my neighbor's house. We were in the garage working on a tractor. I noticed a vehicle almost turn in his driveway, then continue on. A couple minutes later, the neighbor says, hey..you have company. I look down, and it was same vehicle that almost turned in his...
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    Knife blade length limit in TN

    It used to be you couldn't carry a blade over 4", but seems like I read they done away with that law. Anyone know what the law says about carrying a fixed blade over 4"? I got a few new knives that I would like to start carrying? Thanks
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    "When did we start doing..

    Lulu Roman's (hee haw) laundry?" Is not a smart thing to ask when helping wife fold laundry, and you pull a pair of her underwear out of the basket...just saying.. You've been warned
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    Three years ago..

    It's hard to believe, but it's been 3 years ago yesterday. My baby girl was having her first surgery for cancer. Little did we know, it wouldn't be her last. I turned to you guys for prayers, and you delivered. You guys have continued to be there when needed, and you can't know what that means...
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    My new mower/toy just delivered..

    My new mower/garden toy just got delivered. Been riding it around the yard. I'm loving it already...😁😁
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    Getting old is painful..

    Yesterday, I was cleaning out a place in the barn to park the new mower. There was a stack of sheets of osb in the way. I loaded them on a trailer and took to another barn. There, I lifted them overhead and put them in the loft. Good Lord, I'm feeling it today. I'm sore all over...lol I didn't...
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    It's a small, small world

    Today I met up with forum member spctbone. After we talked for a bit..we came to a strange revelation...lol. Many, many moons ago, when he was very young, I was married to his sister...she was my first wife... 😂 It truly is a small world. Btw, @spctbone..it was a pleasure meeting you. But don't...
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    Hey Snake, my Karma ain't working..

    My Karma ain't working the way it's supposed to.. My wife has been feeling kinda blah lately.. Today she told me that she thought she needed to take a laxative. I told her she should try eating her cooking...it works for me!! I'm back on her "list"... 😂 😂
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    Weatherman was wrong..grrrr

    Weatherman said cloudy today, but zero percent chance of rain. I backed truck and trailer up to barn...need to haul some junk to landfill, to make room for new mower/tractor. Just as I got in here, I hear it start dinging the tin roof. Uggg, now it's pouring..and I'm just sitting here. This...
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    Husqvarna mower for sale

    First, I am east of Knoxville..near Cherokee dam. It's a '16 or'17(don't remember) Husqvarna YT42LS. 22hp Kohler engine, 42" middle weight deck(it's stamped, but reinforced). It has the locking differential (like a posi-trac). Mower has been barn/garage kept. Has 307 hours on meter. This was a...
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    Congratulations to the winners The EASTER KARMA winner of the Lg Hunter knife is.....Wrangler95 The LISTENERS KARMA winner of the Trapper knife is....Linepaw Winners, please PM me a shipping address, and I will get them sent out right away. Thanks for playing
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    Advice on selling/pricing a used mower.

    I just upgraded to a new mower. I need to sell my old one. How does one go about pricing these things? I have no idea what it's worth. Any help would be appreciated.. Thanks
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    Another Karma....for "listeners" ENDED"

    Ok, I'm going to do one more, and it will be the last one for a while. This one is for the "under 1000" posts. It's open to anyone with less than 1000 posts. I'm only going to let it run till Thursday 4/08/21. Karma Rules.. Less than 1000 posts Duplicates will be disqualified "I'm in" gets...
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    Made his day..😄😄

    My wife works in the school system with special needs kids....mostly 4th and 5th grade. She has this one little boy...he's a HUGE Kyle Bush fan, it's all he talks about. She had me get him an official Kyle Bush race shirt while at Bristol last weekend. They've been on spring break, and today...
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    A dream meaning revealed..

    We've all had dreams we can't explain, but I figured this one out...lol I had this dream, we were looking at a new house. In the kitchen, I noticed the countertops were about 5' high. I remember thinking, wow.. whoever built this house must have been 8' tall. Woke up wondering what it could...