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  1. david k.

    Permithrin Dilution

    A while back someone (I think it was bonecollector) posted dilution rates for the 10% Permithrin that would be suitable for spraying on clothes...I could've sworn I saved that thread but can't find it....anyone know the dilution rate?
  2. david k.

    DIY Screw in / Removable Tree Steps

    I made these about 30-35 years ago when I thought I was invincible and hunted out of a Loc-on Stand which was also before any of us had ever heard of a safety belt..... I think there are about 36 of them of them taking up space in the attic. The way they work is you screw a lag bolt into the...
  3. david k.

    Cabela’s Sleeping Pads

    This is a pair of Cabela’s sleeping pads that my wife and I used to use camping. They’ve been stored in the attic for many years. They are supposed to be self inflating but the foam has been compressed so long it doesn’t seem like it’s going to expand like they used to. I was going to just...
  4. david k.

    Issues with the IRS.....

    The IRS returned my tax return this year indicating that I'd answered a question incorrectly.... In response to the question, " Do you have any dependents?" I answered, "Yes, I have approximately 14.5 million dependents which includes about 10 million illegal immigrants, 2.3 criminals in jail...
  5. david k.

    Sold/Expired Samsung Washer & Dryer

    Free...matching set, washer & dryer Samsung WA5471ABWXAA Washer Samsung DV5471A Dryer (electric) These are about 10 years old and my wife has already purchased a new washer / dryer set that is to be delivered sometime this week and rather than pay $60-70 to have the old ones hauled off I...
  6. david k.

    Sold/Expired Primos Jellyhead for Mossberg 835 / 935 (12 gauge)

    This is a like new Primos Jellyhead .690” Turkey choke for either a Mossberg 835 or 935....might fit others, I don’t know.... The bore is shiny and looks like new...I think it maybe had 2-3 shots of lead through it. $35.00 TYD
  7. david k.

    11-87 Super Magnum Special Purpose

    Some of you may have seen this in another thread...I wanted to start a new thread so as not to hi-jack the thread from Pappy who is looking to buy a shotgun.... For starters, I have not been trying to sell my 1187 but I saw his post and just thought to myself...'I have one I'm not using so...
  8. david k.

    Drake Endurance 1/4 Zip Jacket in 2XL with Agion Active (their version of Scent Lok)

    This is a brand new with tags, Drake Endurance 1/4 zip jacket in Mossy Oak Bottomland TYD $70.00 A link to the exact item is below...
  9. david k.

    Drake EST Windproof Tech Vest Olive / 2xl

    Brand new with tags, still in the bag, Drake EST Windproof Tech Vest in Olive / 2XL. The Drake item number is (DW1002-OLV-5) and a link to the exact item is below. $100.00 TYD...
  10. david k.

    Queen Sized Memory Foam Pad

    My wife is forcing me to get rid of a 3" thick memory foam, queen size mattress pad.....I bought it several years ago only to use in a camper my buddy let me borrow during deer season....I actually bought my own camper about 10 years ago but my camper has a full sized bed and I bought a nice...
  11. david k.

    Brand New Costa Rinconcito Glasses

    I have a brand new, never worn, pair of Costa Rinconcito sunglasses glasses that I received from Costa as a warranty exchange for a pair that was damaged. I had already bought a pair to replace my damaged glasses so I'm selling these. They are Black Matte frame with Costa's Green Mirror Glass...
  12. david k.

    2011 Toyota Camry LE

    My wife’s father passed away and left her his almost brand new car so we are selling her Camry. It’s a 2011 Camry LE with109k miles in excellent condition. We bought the car new and just put new Michelin’s on it at 102k miles. It’s been well cared for with synthetic oil, oil filter, air filter...
  13. david k.

    Snapper Riding Mower and yard cart

    This is an 8hp recoil start,30” cut, 5 speed Snapper Riding Mower that starts easy and runs great....we just don’t ever use it anymore. The seat has a split in the vinyl but other than that it’s in good shape with new front tires and fresh grease in all fittings. The mower has the bagging...
  14. david k.

    Best place to eat in Cookeville

    I have a trip planed to Cookeville soon....what is the best steak place in town? Thanks, David
  15. david k.

    Lost my father in law - and I'm too torn up to sleep

    We lost my father-in law tonight....he had a really rough last week. My wife took him in for a check up last week and they discovered both potential lung cancer and an 11cm aneurysm....I suppose we should be thankful that the Lord took him very suddenly tonight...before chemo, radiation, and...
  16. david k.

    Lone Wolf Sit and Climb with lots of extras

    I have a Lone Wolf Sit & Climb which will also come with the Hand Climber seat as well. Everything is in great shape but to be safe I bought brand new Lone Wolf XL traction belts which have only been on one tree. The sit and climb seat has a brand new Hazemore Net Seat installed. Not in the...
  17. david k.

    308 Winchester Reloading Dies and Brass

    This is a brand new 3 die set of Lee Reloading dies for the 308 Winchester...I will also throw 90+ rounds of once fired brass in the package when I ship. I had a 308 but sold it years ago and never reloaded for it. $45 TYD.
  18. david k.

    Got the call from the taxidermist.....

    My buddy and I finally got the call from the taxidermist today! We were hunting together both days and I killed the 11 pointer (140.5”) in January, 2018 and he killed the 12 pointer (142”) in November, 2019. As usual, the work done by Buck McAlpin (Millington Taxidermy) did not disappoint.
  19. david k.

    Injured Owl

    My wife and I just got home from a walk around our neighborhood and there is an injured owl on the sidewalk right around the corner from our house....can't find a number to call tonight for anyone to come pick it up...there is a number for someone at the AgriCenter but they only respond from 8-5...
  20. david k.

    Lone Wolf Hand Climber II combo

    I bought a Lone Wolf Hand Climber II treestand last year but prefer my Summit Vipers. I bought the stand used so, to be safe, I replaced every bolt with new Grade 8 bolts and I also purchased new Lone Wolf XL traction belts (about $90) which have never been used. I still have the original...