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    H4350 and H4831sc

    I’m cleaning out some stuff on the reloading bench and have a little extra that someone may need. H4350: one pound bottle unopened and one pound bottle that the seal is open but I’m 99.9% sure it is untapped. So let’s say 2#’s H4831sc: one pound unopened Let’s say $110 cash ($35/# and $5 for...
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    N120 at midway

    Midway USA is showing some 1# N120 in stock. Not cheap but available
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    Midway is dropping powder

    Just like the title says Many IMR powders available
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    209s in stock

    While they last
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    Powders at Natchez

    LOTS of powder at Natchez right now
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    H4350 for retumbo

    I’d like to get my hands on some retumbo. I’d buy if someone is selling but thought a trade would be more likely. Have two unopened pound containers of H4350. Can add boot if needed.
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    9mm JHP bullets

    Zero brand 125 grain JHP projectiles -not loaded ammunition- 500 count $90 FTF or buyer pays freight Happy to answer any questions but in all honesty these are my brothers He lives just south of Murfreesboro
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    Hey Southern Sportsman

    Seems like I remember you tricking out a yildiz O/U 20 last year. How did it turn out? I am seriously considering doing the same with mine. Might try to pick your brain a little.
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    Powder at Everglades ammo

    Lots of powder just dropped It’s expensive FYI
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    Powder valley 209s

    Powder valley has Winchester 209s
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    Tite group

    PSA: Sportsman’s warehouse in Murfreesboro had large jug(8#?) today at lunch time. Even had a few pistol rounds on the shelf as well.
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    Stupid question

    Earlier this year I had a tikka t3x 270 WSM follow me home. Before the current reloading shortage I procured 100 140 gr accubonds and 100 ballistic tips. I plan on loading the accubonds for game and the BT’s for the range. For the question. If I work up a load for the ballistic tips with it...
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    Can’t help but laugh

    I think Someone was trying to send this guy a message https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIEokJ_ZxKE
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    East to or through middle transport

    If anyone is coming to or through middle Tennessee from Knoxville area, I could use a little help. Markwandi has something I’d like to get to Murfreesboro or nearby. I would be more than willing to chip in some fuel money. It’s nothing large or bulky. Thanks in advance
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    Got my shipment. Thank you very much Bruce. Despite you being a gator fan you’re an alright guy by me.
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    Vortex viper pst gen2 5-25x50 sfp

    Looking for thoughts, opinions or experiences. Going on a savage 6.5-284. Used primarily for hunting and punching paper at long range. Have a 4.5-14x44 zeiss conquest on there now but targets at >400 yards seem a little small. Only have second focal plane optics and to be honest apprehensive...
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    870 failure to fire

    Need some suggestions gentlemen. I have an older model Remington 870 express 12 gauge that has always operated flawlessly until this year. This gun has had no modifications other than swapping out the factory 26" barrel for a Remington factory 21" barrel. This year during patterning my tss...
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    TSS loads

    I purchased a couple pounds of TSS 9’s last summer with the anticipation of loading for this season. I was trying to decide whether to purchase a 20 ga gun for this or use the 12’s i have. I have decided to use the 12’s I currently have especially since i have a dozen turkey chokes to play with...
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    How long do you give someone

    I posted an item up for sale last month in the classified section and found a prospective buyer. We negotiated a deal last week and since then i have not heard from him. I want to honor my word on the deal and get this to him for his sons Christmas present but i do have other people interested...
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    Sold/Expired Smokeless savage 10ml2 for sale

    Stainless steel with Boyd’s thumbhole stock bedded in Devcon. Comes with at least two breech plugs, original synthetic stock, bases and rings, and manual. Gun is in great shape. $900 Also have several vent liners, bullets, and lots of sabots I will sale. I have pictures of gun and can text...