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    Meme fun

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    Stranger at the door..

    I guess anything is possible..but can't think of any reason we would be served for anything...and they didn't ask anyone's name. Who knows, maybe it was publishers clearing house...maybe it's going to be my lucky year..😄😄
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    Morel eyes are necessary

    Forgot about that, but yes..ginseng is same way.
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    Vehicle warranty robocall

    I've tried to get a quote for warranty on my '89 s10 farm truck...got hung up on as well. 😂
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    Does she have a beard?

    Might be. When I seen them, I grabbed my phone to take a pic. I thought I seen red on ones head, but they took off running as I was taking pic. Not sure what I saw.
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    Does she have a beard?

    While shrooming today, these hens and I walked up on each other. It's already zoomed in some, but try to zoom in on the closest bird. Is that a beard, or maybe the far wing? We've had a bearded hen here for the last few years..unless this is her, haven't seen her this year. It's not a trick...
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    Goofball roll-call... Post away

    I'm in
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    Morel eyes are necessary

    Agreed. You have to find that first one..then it's easy from there on.
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    Morel eyes are necessary

    For the last 2 weeks I've been checking an area that was the mother load last year. It's a fence line. I walk down one side, cross the fence, and walk back. Last year they were on both sides. I knew I needed to find the first one, to get my morel eyes, just couldn't seem to do it. Went up today...
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    HAM Radio Operators in Nashville Area

    I'm not in Nashville area, but what kind of antenna? On a tower? On a vehicle? Can you provide more details? Thanks
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    Will an lcr fit in a j-frame holster?
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    Gas Golf cart and Sears suburban garden tractor

    How much for the plow and disc...if you would saperate?
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    A gut feeling...

    I don't understand why they don't do anything. If they aren't going to, they should make it legal to give the offender some roadside justice.
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    A gut feeling...

    Several years ago, I was on a back road in a large, very heavy commercial truck. As i approached a blind hill in a curve, this big, jacked up Dodge Ram 4x4 came over the hill in the middle of the road. Across the top of his windshield, it was written.."DODGE THIS". I remember saying as he went...
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    A gut feeling...

    Yeah, and how many think that centerline is just a suggestion...