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    150"+ 8 pts

    They don't grow like that here in SC.
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    Truck Tires - Falken Wildpeak AT3, Nitto Ridge Grappler, or Nitto Terra Grappler - Need Opinions

    I had about 50,000 on them when I took them off. They were roaring and riding like crap well before I got there. I probably could have got another 10 or so if I wanted to redneck push it.
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    Truck Tires - Falken Wildpeak AT3, Nitto Ridge Grappler, or Nitto Terra Grappler - Need Opinions

    I switched from BFG ko2 or what ever the newest tire they have in their AT is called now to the Falken AT3 tire... I think that's what it's called. The BFG was terrible on my Tundra in rain. Great in snow. I haven't run the Falken in snow but I've run it hard this past hunting season when I was...
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    Chicken litter

    Back home in SC there is a chicken or turkey farm on every corner. Almost every farm around uses crap when they can get it. It's pretty big business. A couple friends have bought trucks to start hauling it for the farms.On a side note... my buddy just built 8 chicken houses. He's got his 3rd...
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    Dog Food

    Wholesomes fish and rice for the 12 year old GSD and the 1 year old Lab eats Pro Plan 30/20.
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    Thankful for stupid thief...

    If I turned him in to the police, nothing would happen. His father was the head of the narc team here for years and then the chief of police. He has since passed away but they still wouldn't do anything. He's been run in for DUI, breaking in homes and all kinds of other stuff. Family just keeps...
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    Thankful for stupid thief...

    When you start stealing trail cameras, make sure you get them all and the most important thing... make sure the people you steal from don't know you. Dude use to be a good guy. Had it made... Grandfather owned a farm and chicken houses. It would have been his. Got strung out on dope. Now he's...
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    Leupold vx freedom

    I have one in the 3x9x50 with the red dot reticle... Don't remember what they call it. I have done a lot of shooting this year... upwards of 40 rounds so far with a x-bolt 30.06 between deer and coyotes and just shooting to work on a zero out to where I feel comfortable shooting to 350...
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    Your first concert

    I saw a bunch of artist at Winter Jam several years ago in Columbia SC. Couldn't tell you their names. Took my daughter. First real concert I went to was Jamey Johnson at the Tennessee Theatre in Knoxville or Zac Brown Band at Smokie Stadium. I don't remember which came first. Only 2 I've been...
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    What are these?

    hershey kiss and a bat man
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    Any truckers on here?

    Maybe because this is America and people can still do what they want.... for the time being.
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    Coyote #8

    Kenny and I sat from 9:30 till about 12:30 yesterday. I was trying to get some video of him shooting one. It didn't work out but we did see a monster. He hit the field at about 600 yards and searched around in the field until he was at 425 and went back in the woods. Biggest buck I've ever seen...
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    Is he dead, or has a nice story to tell the does?

    Good luck. They do crazy stuff this time of year. I've shot 3 times at one standing still and missed the first 2 before I killed him on the 3rd shot during the rut. LOL
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    Fawns, still?

    My cousin is a doe killer. Deer is about all he and his family eat. As of Saturday he had already processed 18 or 19 this year. Of course he didn't shoot all those but people give him deer all the time. He told me he has cleaned one that had milk and another that had 2 fawns still inside her...
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    Gotta to brag a little

    I only call coyotes out of deer season. All of these are coming from the deer stand while deer hunting with no call involved.