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    Frost Seeding question.....

    Any of you guys ever tried frost seeding chicory? If so, how did it work out? It was part of our blend last year and the deer loved it, plots are gnawed to the ground right now and can't tell anything about it. If I knew last seasons chicory would come back half decent then I wouldn't bother...
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    My wife/gf

    Keeping my mouth shut on this one, she has her quirks and so do I. Plus, I don't want to hog this thread. 😁 My wife is actually the best cook I've ever met, hands down!!!! Don't want to go back to eating peanut butter...... so, I'll just read and know that I'm not alone.
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    Could use a prayer please .

    Praying for your grandson Snake.
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    got some bad news, need a prayer

    Your son and family will be in our prayers.
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    Father passed this morning......

    Sorry to hear this, your family will be in our prayers.
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    Apex in stock

    Free shipping $75+ https://soprogear.com/Apex-Ammunition
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    Meme fun

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    CVA Cascade

    Any pros or cons that you've found?
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    CVA Cascade

    Anyone familiar with these?
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    Manufacturers can't pump it out quick enough is my 2 cents on it. Think about it, we've never had this many gun owners buying all at once, there has always been ammo available. If everyone stopped buying I bet it would still take many months to restock the shelves, possibly even a year. Truly...
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    Joined the covid club....

    Prayers up for a speedy recovery.
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    Prayers Still Needed - My Dad Passed

    So sorry brother, will be praying for your family.
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    This Juvi’s smile says it all!!!

    Awesome! Congratulations!!
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    Prayers needed

    Will keep her in our prayers. What time is her surgery?