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    Where were you on September 11, 2001?

    I was up the Tokositna River on a private homestead inside Denali Park. Was spooky not seeing any planes in the air, we kept the generator going to watch everything unfold on TV, very sad day. We later heard about all the stranded folks that couldn't be picked up, most of the pilots were taking...
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    Citico...Warden Field

    They've put off building the new bridge at Bald River Falls for 2yrs now, I think? Going to have to do it sometime and it will be a headache for folks to get in and out from the falls up. Think they worked on the road going through Holly Flats and North River is closed now, trying to get those...
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    Asking for prayers

    She is definitely in our prayers brother.
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    Dover man missing on Alaskan hunt

    Prayers for the family during all this. Thats the nastiest ground I've ever walked on. You can literally go hip deep if you step in a puddle the size of a basketball, bottomless. Very easy to get turned around if no hills are visible and those tundra grizz are a different creature than coastal...
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    He only takes the good ones!!!

    Truly hate to hear this news, your families will be in our prayers. Hang in there brother and don't stop looking upward.
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    Citico...Warden Field

    Thanks for sharing.
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    Nice 🙄

    That was my thoughts, that makes 8 seen on this piece of property this summer. I knew they were there, but this has me questioning my Lowa boots. 😆
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    Nice 🙄

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    Nice 🙄

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    Citico...Warden Field

    Took the wife and dog up for a hike today and ran into this, anyone know why? I don't camp here but just curious.
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    Food Plots Caught in rain.....

    Don't know if this will help but just saw it after reading your post.
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    He’s off and running

    That would make any parent proud! From some of your past posts it is obvious that he is very passionate and highly motivated about photography. He will do well. 👍
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    Biggest one yet

    Stud! Hope you can get on him.