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    Dose 2 is in

    your the first i have heard of. Watching
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    Concrete guys

    Depends on the planned use. Also consider the weight or load for the mix and the use of fiber. I have built several buildings and usually pour 4 to 5 inches of 5000 lb mix with fiber added and I use 3/8 steel rebar on a grid. All concrete will crack at some time. You can control where it cracks...
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    DIY greenhouses

    I have been considering one for over a year. Attached to the house built with old wooden windows but still have not gotten beyond this stage.
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    My wife/gf

    Takes better care of me than I deserve, is a damn good cook, finds anything I lose and is a better person than I will ever be. I am one fortunate dude!
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    Could use a prayer please .

    Prayers up
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    Interesting sit today.

    We always witness bucks beginning about this date that are ran down, spent and just trying to recover. These two did not fit that description.
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    Interesting sit today.

    Went out at 1:00 to in KY (last weekend archery) Busted going in! 16 deer bedded all around my stand, I had never had or seen deer bed there and was not expecting it. I stood frozen till they dispersed and then climbed. The next two hours were free of everything, not even a squirrel! but then...
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    Pulp markets are shut in our area, Loggers trucking loads far and near trying to peddle the pulp wood loads off. We have 30 loads cut and stacked in W. KY waiting for a mill and hundreds of loads not yet cut. Property owners part currently is $4 ton for pulp, $10 ton for post quality pine...
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    Childs lifetime license

    I guess I will have to wait till her father rotates home. If he gets stationed at Campbell then its easy.
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    got some bad news, need a prayer

    Prayers up
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    Childs lifetime license

    My grand daughter recently turned 1 year old. Like I did for a grandson from another child. I want to buy her lifetime license but neither of her parents are current Tennessee residents although her mother is from TN and her father is from KY and abroad in the military. The child and mother...
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    Some folks do not realize that ag lime is powdered limestone. It is very dense! It settles and compacts readily. It will destroy most drop type spreaders. Most suppliers will rent you a cart designed to spread it. I use them, pull it with my pickup as they are ground driven. Otherwise spend...
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    better quality vegetables

    Soil tests! Balanced soil is important Raised beds I now grow 10X the food in 240 sq ft of beds than I used to grow in almost 5000 sq ft of in ground garden. Earth worms, composting, add ashes from wood stove every winter and bed plants in with straw in the spring. Year round cropping. Crop rotation
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    Time lapse mode

    Reconex cameras have the optional setting for time lapse which I use often but I also turn up the pic quality due to distant bucks get out of focus after you zoom too far.
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    Whats everyone doing?

    Once you have sufficient matter to carry a fire burning will help reduce trashy sprouts. Till then mow or spray is all you got.