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    I hate being cold! I will take 90 over 45 345 days a year. that leaves 20 days for 50 / 70 for deer season
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    Food Plots Bang for the Buck

    Cereal Rye 70 lb acre Balansa clover (Its an amazing cool season annual) 2 lb acre Diakon Radish 3 lb globe turnips 2 lb acre Great bang value plus really good for your soils and if you dont spray / kill it it will give till hot weather
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    Which slugs do you use?

    Remington solid copper hollow point sabot. I shoot a remington 870 with a rifled slug barrel. Accurate, devastating, dependable. All fall where shot
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    Prayers please

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    I have a Massey 451 the last of the Perkins diesel engine models, pre electronics and I love it. I must agree that having a servicing dealer or a dependable shop is important. I do work for folks who have modern (electronic) Case tractors and they have constant issues, I work another guy that...
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    Food Plots Brassicas/soil nutrients?

    It seems that we always manage to receive some wild mustard seed in our turnips and radishes or in our small grains. That does not deter me from planting these.
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    Temperature to leave deer

    I have an odd rule from when I helped my grandfather kill and process hogs. As long as the temp of the carcass is falling all is good.
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    Health Heart Update

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    The price of TNDEER content

    Dems everywhere if Trump got re-elected! Karma is beautiful!!!
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    Advice… Prayers…

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    Crafty or sensitive animals

    with apples...
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    Land sale question?

    We sold a farm last year that the deed and description were over 100 years old. The place was steep and overgrown plus the Corps of Engineers had a long border that had changed over the years. Deed called for an "approximate acres", tax card was based on delineation and didnt match the deed...
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    Lime truck

    Functional spreader trucks can be pricey, even older ones not to mention the cost to maintain. Most also spread fertilizer and that consumes them. Your spreader must be for spreading lime as one that is designed to only spread fertilizer will not survive lime. Spreader carts are less costly...
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    Summer Open Season Announcement

    I am banned from snipe hunting for life after my BIL lost it and started crying out loud when I didnt run the snipe his way when he was sure it had been long enough. Everyone was upset with me cause northeast Jackson county hills and hollars are no place to leave anyone at 1:am even an adult...