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    Simpler times

    I'm glad you all survived! I thought my dad was the only one to put his kid in one of those death traps climbers :) Today he's eighty years old and still builds stands out of old skid pallets that get slick and weak after about one year, but he leaves them up and WE use them until they are...
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    How cheap are you?

    Eat thirteen deer a year cheap so we don't have to buy meat!! One dollar per bullet for the few that I kill, the rest are donated by friends who don't want to skin them!!!
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    Best Compact Tractors?

    Ford 641 workmaster or other similar model They have been increasing in resale value for over 60 years 😂
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    Moms are taking a stand.

    When the men won't do their job the women will have to
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    OMCBA Mt. Curs

    They are the right kind :cool:
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    I did it again

    :):cool: no excuses needed
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    Fawn losses

    It will seem likely that predator numbers will be higher where the fawns are weaker from parasites too. The type of cover that you describe will host more rats, voles, rabbits etc, as well as easy prey of fawns will draw them.
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    Help with snake identification

    they love to eat songbirds, baby rabbits and eggs. Kill them all. The few mice they eat can be food for predators that we like to hunt!
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    Any kayak fishermen?

    I don't have a suggestion for brands or styles but I really like running a trotline out of a Kayak. Catching larger fish on spinner baits can be a lot of fun too! :cool:
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    New guy here

    Welcome aboard
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    Knee replacement

    Praying and hoping all goes well!
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    33 years trust

    That's great!!
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    Build it, they will come.

    Looks like a good setup for a Christmas goose dinner this winter :)
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    What’s the deal with this deer?

    looks like a wormy last year's late born buck 😂
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    True story!

    Sounds like home