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    Elwoods shack bbq

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    Michigan vacation ?

    I grew up in Michigan. I moved away after high school in 1981. I have vacationed there several times in the last several years. Suguest you look at Higgins Lake (cabin rental) and I recommend Borcher‘s B&B (stay there) and canoe livery in Grayling. Add locations of Mackinaw Island (Harbour View...
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    When you are sick of it....

    check out Greta Van Fleet
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    What a difference a yr makes

    That things a horse!
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    Happiness is...........

    Yummy ! How long do you cook the oysters?
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    Have you.....

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    I’m screwed!

    I got it “I’m screwed”. Nothing funny about your accident though. Hope you have a full recovery!
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    I caught a TARP!!

    Nice fish,
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    Found it!

    You should buy a lottery ticket! That’s awesome
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    Biggest bass

    Nice fish!
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    Brisket is my nemesis. Been trying to perfect since I lived in Texas. Cooking brisket in TX is a state pastime. A right of passage. Glad I perfected my salsa and margarita recipes though.
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    Albino Blue Cat

    Pretty cool! Thanks for releasing
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    Go Gators! Gonna be a good game
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    Gators ;)

    Go Gators!
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    Two Bucks

    I’ve not had the opportunity to harvest a buck with a rack that nice. As I mentioned I’ve been working to have better deer on the property. I’ve only 40 acres but have approximately 100 acres under control with the cooperation of my neighbors. I’m cool to wait and/or harvest a doe. There is...