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    First new car you owned

    2001 Ford Ranger step side bed with a 2.5 liter, kept it 1 year and traded in for a F150 single cab 4.2 v6, 180000+ miles and still going strong, should have bought a 4 door then lol
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    The Rush Limbaugh Show today

    Reckon they ended the show here the week after he was buried, his wife and a few others were on the show, hated he died but we all will go at some point
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    NRA's Bankruptcy filing tossed out by Judge

    Bunch of crooks worse than the politicians they were bribing, took a lot of folks $ that loved guns and the outdoors imo
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    Youth Rifle

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    Youth Rifle

    Looking at recoil charts I don't see the no kick numbers, lite for caliber bullets help I'm sure but would rather have a 243 full load in stead, taking some of the speed out will cause more runners imo, after my muzzle loaders I have had more bang flops with my 243. 223 out to 100y has been...
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    If you were in the market for new grill...

    I have a 36" cowboy grill and no lighter fluid used for it, a electric loop lighter works well. The gas lighting on the performer is the best thing ever for me. I would love to have a 26" performer but they don't make 1 but a lot of folks build their own. 95% of the time the 22" is plenty of...
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    Prayers Needed

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    If you were in the market for new grill...

    I love having a different cooker to suit my mood, I have a Weber Performer with gas lighting, a Weber spirit gas grill, A Pit Boss Austin LX , all are great but the last grill to leave here will be the Performer. the pellet grills are great, a Mac is about the best you can buy but a rectec is...
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    Open statement to everyone here

    Look at deer and the drive during the rut, we have the same drive 24/7/365 not just during the fall, you can say its different but it's not really
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    meeting a stranger at their place..advise pls

    Go get it, they may have rented the U-Haul you used? stand up folks doing a good deed, not everybody is out to murder you lol
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    Open statement to everyone here

    No path is wrong it's the timing that's important and teaching them from our mistakes is tough.
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    this time tomorrow *UPDATE*

    She don't fly fish, I would be afraid to be around her slinging 1, she just broke a $400 carbon fiber bat so a fly rod don't stand a chance lmao
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    this time tomorrow *UPDATE*

    Even though she don't want to shoot a deer she can shoot well from a bench, I have taken her and her brother along on a lot of dove hunts and deer hunts, always fun times, she really needs to get her hunters safety coarse taken soon. they live close to the clinch river and trout fishing might...
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    Some good crappie

    That was my meal last night also, didn't have to clean a single fish, brotherinlaw brought me over a vaced bag a week or 2 ago he caught on Ky lake last day of November , they were mighty good ,milk was out of date so had some heavy whipping cream and used that for the egg wash, it worked so...
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    U.S. Navy Weapons Seizure in North Arabian Sea

    I read the story this morning, unless 1 of our friends need those I would bet a burial at sea is what they were given, that's a lot of $ somebody has lost