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    Pfizer Covid vaccine

    Daughter in Med School has had both. Had a pretty tough time with the second round but all good now.
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    Pruitt fired

    What an embarrassment.
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    netflix movies

    The Last Kingdom was a good series - 3 seasons Frontier was really good as well, about the fur trades - 3 seasons
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    Looking ahead, high capacity magazines.

    Not that I own any of them but IF I did I would have at least 10 extra, and full, magazines. Probably a mix of plastic and metal. And I would be stocked up on oo buckshot as well....."if" I owned such a weapon though. :)
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    Adult beverages forum?

    Now if any of you were to find any Wellers.......
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    HVAC question

    We have been in our new house for just over 4 years now and the HVAC system is in the attic with line that drains outside using gravity. Our first Winter caused the pipe outside the house to freeze up just like yours. The fix was to redirect the lines internally. Short of that I would have...
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    And where do you cash this out?
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    What happens if no will?

    Here's another situation that I experienced and didn't see coming. I lost my Wife in 2014, we had a savings account in place for our Granddaughter but only my Wife's name was on it along with the Granddaughter. After her passing I was cleaning up all of the "business" side of things and went to...
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    been thinking about

    My Wife and I have been talking about this same thing (not too seriously though) There's a member of TNDeer who resides in St. Thomas so perhaps he will chime in.
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    FL 30A Vacation Suggestions?

    Well I'm betting PCB will be the obvious selection. We rented a AirBNB Condo at Seachelles one year which worked well. Convenient and also had a kid pool.
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    Some people (Rant)

    Interesting timing, my Wife and I just spent the last two hours at the funeral home making our arrangements (and paying for it now) this way there's no burden on the kids.
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    Blind Stolen - Public Land

    I used to hunt the Gallatin Steam Plant alot and would leave my stand attached to a tree and brushed up if I stayed till dark and was coming back out the next day. One morning as I was walking in, there was another hunter already in a tree within 50 yards of where I had my stand. When he flashed...
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    Looks like he got a good one.

    I am always amazed at the things I learn on this site.
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    Wow 3 day of the Rona and I felt like crap 30 minutes ago and....

    A local CBD shop will have it