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    Doc did his thing UP Date

    I used to meet my buddies for a trout fishing weekend. I would drive my medical van where I had all my equipment. At night I kind show them the size of the probe and sheaths we would insert during biopsy’s and prostate laser procedures. They would say “ Oh , do you look thru them.” I would...
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    Ground blind and trail cams

    Thieves are everywhere. What kind of platform did you have the blind on?
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    Adult beverages forum?

    It’s hard to find in Chattanooga. It’s not expensive but for some reason they only get it every once in a while. The liquor store actually had a special drawing before Christmas to buy some. Started at 8:30 am and when I went buy at 9:00 there were over 100 people in the store waiting on the...
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    Doc did his thing UP Date

    I had mine checked last year. That’s the last time I go to that Dentist.
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    Adult beverages forum?

    Buffalo trace neat . I like Sundrop also. With some Buffalo trace in it.
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    Adult beverages forum?

    I’ll drink to that.
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    .22LR at PSA

    At $35/100 maybe I should sell some of mine. What auction?
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    I saw them this year on our deer lease on signal mountain.
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    Another religions joke

    2 preachers ride their bikes to church each Sunday. One Sunday 1 preacher is at the stop sign and sees the other preacher walking. He says “ hey brother , where is your bike The other preacher says “ somebody stole it”. First preacher says” this Sunday preach on the 10 Commandments. When you...
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    Juvi weekend

    Wow. Great job. He is hard core to brave it in the cold and snow.
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    been thinking about

    Poland? I always grew up being told it takes 3 to do anything.
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    Some people (Rant)

    Just remember that even if you have a will, the spouse controls everything. My dad remarried 1 year before he died of cancer. The new wife was in control of the will and estate. She took $640,000 of mutual funds that was willed to me. She gave my 21 gun collection to her son( and said that my...
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    Got the knife guys. Will be posting a karma of my on soon.
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    Some people (Rant)

    I was standing with my mother at my grandmothers casket. My uncle walked up and said “ you know Geneva told me if anything ever happened to her she wanted me to have her car.” Let’s just say when I got finished talking to him he has not spoken to me since.
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    A young guy moves to Montana. His closest neighbor is 10 miles away. After a year of seeing no one a truck comes up his driveway and a old guy gets out. He says “ Hey, I’m your neighbor. Gonna have a little party this evening. Gonna be lots of eating, lots of drinking, lots of dancing and a...