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    Rural king ??

    I went today to big R, nice store. I bought some ammo and a few other things
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    Fresh from Alaska!

    U lucky dawg
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    Rural king ??

    I may go tomorrow and see what they have
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    Atv tires

    I got a set that are SLICK, u can have them
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    Rural king ??

    I heard rumor that rural king is coming to cookeville, if so when is it expected to open
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    New Orleans

    I grew up 50-60 miles from nawlens, the place is a he// hole and getting worse by the day
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    Gasman's Fish Fry 2022

    At least y’all got an invitation
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    A first on my farm...about 6 weeks old.

    Sure iz pretty
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    Here is another pic of her
  10. C0C5C604-8C56-4CBE-AC30-7579ED426DD8.jpeg


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    I been seeing this doe at my house for 3 years
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    Chicken of the woods

    Is this chicken of the woods
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    The seek one monster buck

    Time t Time to write another book
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    Be careful moving stands

    U were lucky this time, I’m glad u r ok