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    Reveal vs Browning Cell cams

    Our tactacams didn't have an activation fee. I think the 80 you were charged may have been annual plan.
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    Memphis kidnapping

    It's is normal for thugs like this to be out at 430 in the morning riding around looking for their next victim?
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    7 hours!!!!!!!!

    My truck and the wife's car has a message pop up on the screen that says to check back seat. I don't know how it works but think it is weight activated or door activated. Only time I've noticed it come on is when kids are in truck. I still don't see how someone can forget their kid in the...
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    New construction framing ?

    Mind sharing who you are using?
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    New construction framing ?

    What areas do you work?
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    New construction framing ?

    When I checked around my area (Dyersburg) in the spring, they were between 10 to 12 which seems really high.
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    Winchester power point ammo..

    I shoot the same in 243 and really like it.
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    Johnson Grass

    We had abunch in a pasture. Kept it cut often one summer and it must have killed out the Johnson grass because there is already none now.
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    Suggestions for lawn sprayer rig?

    Yep the tsc pumps are junk. I've had good luck with the northern tool pumps.
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    Suggestions for lawn sprayer rig?

    I use a 25 gallon boom sprayer. I mount it on back of 4wheeler rack. Works great. I also used it for food plots until I got a 3pt sprayer for tractor.
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    Cutting back?

    Let me know when prices come been patiently waiting. Crazy what buildings have been selling for in the last year. Prices have doubled since December 2020.
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    Dyersburg restaurants

    Grecian has a great buffet. Go to Abes if you want a steak.
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    Carry position

    Me too. Lcp II.
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    Pull behind seeder/fertilizer

    Herd makes a great electric spreader that can mount to your atv.
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    Most useful tool you've ever owned

    One thing I've used allot that most don't really think about is an air die grinder with a carbide burr. Handy for allot of different things.