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    selling hunts for wild hogs in Tennessee

    this advertisement is free range.
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    selling hunts for wild hogs in Tennessee

    Is this legal? Saw an advertisement on Facebook recently.
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    Seek One knocks down a TN stud!!

    Thank you Ruger.
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    Seek One knocks down a TN stud!!

    I have never drank an alcoholic beverage, nothing against it, just never have and don't plan to. If you ever want to hang out and drink a beer and I will have a sweet tea, soda or water, I will hang out with and talk with anyone, especially about fishing and hunting. Of course, most of my...
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    A first on my farm...about 6 weeks old.

    Yep, just like albinos and need to die. I would kill first opportunity if I had say so. If I didn't own the land and the landowner did not want is shot, it would be left alone, but if I had the say so, that would be killed quickly.
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    Sad Reality

    Lost my last local spot last year, hunted for over 30 years. Luckily, still have 800 acres in Western KY we hunt.
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    He only takes the good ones!!!

    May be one of the worst things that can happen in life. Losing a son or daughter. Prayers sent and sending.
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    Search warrant for live wells ?

    I have never had a bad experience with a game officer. The fact that they will not pursue fishing violations on the fisheries of Tennessee is disturbing though.
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    TARP level 5 unlocked 🔥

    that is cool.
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    Seek One knocks down a TN stud!!

    There were a couple guys killing deer there. They had a facebook page showing the bucks they had killed and bragging about this product and that product, how that the products attracted bucks, etc. and how great of hunters they were. There was zero doubt from the pictures where they killed...
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    Dealing with a new boss

    I am currently in a crap situation with a new boss. He is not only an idiot (even though he is a PE) and not only is he a horrible person, a "credit wh0re", will throw any and everyone under the proverbial bus, he is also deceptive and dishonest. Makes for long days.
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    KY hunting

    KY is awesome. I have access to a great farm. There is a ton of deer and some really nice bucks where we hunt.
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    Seek One knocks down a TN stud!!

    I agree, and the bad part is I guess if gives those guys more advertisement.
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    Search warrant for live wells ?

    The TWRA is dumpster fire and the dumpster is melting. Almost every single person I talk to is unhappy with some aspect of the TWRA. The TWRA is becoming our government. They do not go after or prosecute game law violators, well unless they have money. The immigrant population is raping most...
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    Seek One knocks down a TN stud!!

    Jealousy, what does that mean? To me that means you are mad at someone about having something you can't have. Or the opportunity in this case. I can say it is not jealousy with me, I had the opportunity to kill deer in a neighborhood and there were and are some truly large antlered bucks...