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    Duffle for check baggage help.

    I use to use a big eddie bauer duffle and that worked really well, weighs just a couple pounds. Now, I use my SKB case for my bow/rifle and will pack clothes around the weapon and whatever else cant go in my carry on. Then a lightweight roller bag for the rest of my gear and a backpack as my...
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    Food Plots Equipment question

    How much bigger would you go? I am kind of in the same situation, but when I sat and calculated the time I would save from going up, I realized I would need to go much larger to really cut down my man hours in the seat. I spend majority of my food plot time in the planting phase after...
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    Arkansas Public

    You are looking at a ton of land with all of them being very different. I spend a lot of time in November and then Jan and Feb hunting public in Arkansas. I happily pay the $400-$500 every year for AR license to chase river bottom bucks. I have not spent any of that time on the Sunken Lands...
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    best climber stands

    I d recommend the lone wolf hand climber. It is light and quiet and packs flat and high on your back. The belts are easy to adjust and quiet when climbing. No need to sound dampen the stand as it is quiet. It is also very easy to attach your pack to the stand and pack out your stand and deer...
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    Deer and Covid 19….Hmmm?

    I just hope the deer lose their sense of smell in time for season!
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    Had a good 4.5 yo hanging around the farm last year for over a month. He looked healthy and was rutting and chasing does. Neighbor killed him around the end of December and was shocked when he came back positive for CWD. The public land I hunt seems to have a reduced deer densities or the...
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    East Shelby/West Fayette County Deer

    I drive the same area and noticed the same. It looks like alot of the bean fields are starting to yellow and dry out as spring planting was pretty good for getting them in the ground early, but the beans planted later dont seem to be hit that hard. I have soybean food plot in my back yard and...
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    Whitetail destination

    I'll throw a different option out there. Head down to Big Cypress in the Everglades with your bow and go chase some bucks. It's not your typical whitetail hunt of sitting in a tree but is more of a western style of glassing and stalking. There is some beautiful country down there and you can...
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    Fishing / ski boat encounters

    Had the same experience down in the Everglades. Group of jerks in a ski boat circled me while paddling out from a duck hunt.
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    Not scientific but interesting

    I focused trapping predators pretty heavily on my little farm this year and this also happened to be the first year that I have seen poults. I have always had good habitat and always had nest but would often only find broken egg shells from nest that had been raided. I took coyotes, fox...
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    Saw my first teal of the year over the weekend. I am always amazed at how excited I get at seeing the first teal of the year. Now we just need a little rain to improve habitat conditions.
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    Living on the property you hunt

    For me it has been a catch 22, I love living on my farm and putting all the work into habitat improvement and food plots and seeing all the wildlife. On the other hand, I love hunting and exploring new areas and a lot of the challenges that public land offers. As I get older and the premium on...
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    Memphis interstate shooting

    Really hate to hear you had to witness that Cache! I drive that stretch during hunting season a lot from 1-3AM and as soon as I get on the 240 loop I am watching every car in front and behind me. I hate having that feeling that you have to watch out on that stretch of road.
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    Boat record

    Very nice!
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    Public land hunting

    Interesting report and great information. My observations and experience would certainly go a long with the 2 studies. When hunting public land, I always consider where other hunters will access and what area's they will hunt. On the WMAs I frequently hunt, I have lots of spots that I can go...