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    Stuffed jalapenos

    Those look good. Try marinating either duck breast or deer TL and put in them with the cream cheese!!! Them are good to
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    2019-2020 mounts

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    2019-2020 mounts

    Beautiful mount!
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    Give me the Time of Day

    On one farm I figure if I see deer before 8:30-9:00 those are bonuses. I start seeing deer around 9:00 on
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    2019-2020 mounts

    Good looking mount
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    Deer # 7

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    What a day!

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    1st deer

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    My daughter luvs TN

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    My nephew scored on Juvenile Hunt

    Great deer
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    My son got his first deer!!!

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    Son Draws Blood

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    Skull mount finished

    I like it. Good job
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    cheatham county buck mount is home

    Congrats. Looks good!
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    Fire ant killer

    How many mounds do you have?