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    Slingshot for small game?

    Are they even legal?
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    Domestic violence and traditional muzzleloaders

    Looks like 209 primer guns are OK under Tennessee law by what’s posted above
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    TWRA on the NitroFire

    Probably a disadvantage as it uses a proprietary cartridge to go bang. If you can’t find them in stock , out of luck Compared to a regular muzzleloader which can use a variety of powder and bullets
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    TWRA on the NitroFire

    Might as well But then it’s no longer a muzzleloader season
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    Sarah Fuller @ Vandy

    Which NFL team drafts her?
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    TWRA on the NitroFire

    Looks like the gun makers are lobbying North Carolina to legalize this type of rifle. I wouldn't be surprised if they are lobbying the TWRA too
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    Muskies.... UGH

    I didn't know muskies were in Watts Bar
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    TWRA on the NitroFire

    90 plus percent of the muzzle loaders being used for hunting in 1970s were slidelocks with open sights where 100 yards shots were long shots. Not many were using Springfields. Today almost every Tom, Dick, and Harry has an weather proof inline with a scope that uses smokeless or magnum powders...
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    TWRA on the NitroFire

    Except the 350 Legend has a legitimate function- for use in areas where discharging a longer range firearm is unsafe or dangerous. Michigan and Ohio enacted the requirements that created the 350 cartridge to allow folks to use rifles that are "safer" than discharging a 338 ultra mag in a flat...
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    TWRA on the NitroFire

    That's my thinking and concern
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    TWRA on the NitroFire

    Very true.
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    Illegal muzzleloader for tn

    If you legalize this gun, why not single shot full cartridges?
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    TWRA on the NitroFire

    It’s not legal in Tennessee in muzzleloading season and I expect will remain that way. I think this will flop ultimately anyway Not even felons can hunt with it
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    TWRA on the NitroFire

    It is classified as a firearm that requires a background check because it does not meet the definition of antique. Most states are right to consider a muzzle loader as simply a gun that loads BOTH propellant and projectile down the bore. This nitrofire gun is not a muzzle loader.