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    Coolest hat ever lol

    That’s awesome.
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    Who was it?

    I do live in south Lakeland on the Mulberry line , but work in Tampa. I am always on the lookout, just in case.I will eventually. The wife says we can snowbird.... I can go to Tennessee when I want and she will stay in Florida where it’s warm!
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    Who was it?

    My daughter borrowed my truck on Wednesday. She said there was a truck in front of her and it had a TNDEER sticker on the back window. This was in the Riverview, FL area. I have the only one I have ever seen on the road down here.
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    Hi there

    Dang, its been a minute
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    Vehicle shopping

    If it is a Ford you are looking for, down here in Brandon, Florida we have one of the largest volume dealers in the SE. They are loaded with everything. If you decide to go this route, shoot me a PM and I can let the sales manager know. He will take care of you and you will not get hosed...
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    This is awesome

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    Repairing and service
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    44 mag vs 357 mag lever

    I have roughly 2 decades of dang near-exclusive hunting with a .44 carbine, it gets the job done
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    You went out on a limb with that one, but it did leaf me laughing.
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    Gas up here.

    Slight update. Gas still 3.59Diesel is now 4.45.Not bad, .50 in 48 hrs. FJB
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    Gas up here.

    Gas was stable at 3.59 all day. While at work, diesel went from 3.96 to 4.19. And that every station I passed on the 30 mile ride home.
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    Gas up here.

    Regular is 3.49. The gas and diesel prices have been this way for 2 weeks. Not looking forward to the next few....
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    Gas up here.

    Diesel 3.96 down here
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    Scared of elevators

    Taking the groan to new levels !