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    Double Bearded Gobbler

  2. david k.

    Work email today = Whitey bad!!

    Sit through the training but use the time to surf TN Deer on your phone....its always worked for me.
  3. david k.

    I guess I’m old now.... advice for the younger members.

    I hear crickets 24-7-365....it sucks....
  4. david k.

    Permithrin Dilution

  5. david k.

    Permithrin Dilution

    A while back someone (I think it was bonecollector) posted dilution rates for the 10% Permithrin that would be suitable for spraying on clothes...I could've sworn I saved that thread but can't find it....anyone know the dilution rate?
  6. david k.

    DIY Screw in / Removable Tree Steps

    I found an old cedar tree this year and the heads of several railroad spikes were just barely visible going up the tree....the guys at the sawmill will be really pissed when they find them one day.
  7. david k.

    Cabela’s Sleeping Pads

    Promised to clwg97.
  8. david k.

    Cabela’s Sleeping Pads

    Lakeland / Brunswick area
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    DIY Screw in / Removable Tree Steps

    I could tighten down the lag bolts or leave them just loose enough to remove the steps
  10. david k.

    DIY Screw in / Removable Tree Steps

    I made these about 30-35 years ago when I thought I was invincible and hunted out of a Loc-on Stand which was also before any of us had ever heard of a safety belt..... I think there are about 36 of them of them taking up space in the attic. The way they work is you screw a lag bolt into the...
  11. david k.

    Cabela’s Sleeping Pads

    This is a pair of Cabela’s sleeping pads that my wife and I used to use camping. They’ve been stored in the attic for many years. They are supposed to be self inflating but the foam has been compressed so long it doesn’t seem like it’s going to expand like they used to. I was going to just...
  12. david k.

    Guy found an old Colt

    If he offered $26K the kid should have known he had something very special and shopped it....it might have been worth double that to the right buyer.
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    New Member, New Experience

    First, thank you for your service....greatly appreciated.....and welcome to TN Deer. My advice would be to watch the classifieds here on TN Deer for a good used rifle...maybe even post a "Want to Buy" in the classified and share your budget and choices of caliber....since you mentioned elk...
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    Basic Manners

    Same thing when my daughter got married about 10 years ago...folks have no home training...its sad.
  15. david k.

    9 year olds first deer

    Great story, great deer and Catman is the man!