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    Sold/Expired Pool sand filter, pump and steps

    Totally not related but Rock island is my stomping ground as well!
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    Favorite TN town/city?

    You mean methminville? It’s a nice place but the meth is everywhere. I think it’s everywhere but really bad here.
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    Meth: It's One Hell of a Drug

    Kill the sorry S.O.B
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    Cold weather gobbling??

    I’ve always lived by the saying “can’t kill ‘em from the couch.”
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    Mean mouth or odd colored largemouth?

    For you guys that say mean mouth. How big do they usually get? This one was 5.8
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    Mean mouth or odd colored largemouth?

    Didn’t notice the colors of this fish until after We done released it. WHat says tndeer? Largemouth or mean mouth?
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    Sauger Saturday

    That north wind can sure make for some good days though!
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    GOD Is Good!

    God is good all the time!
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    Powder coating

    There’s a place in McMinnville that does it .
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    Tree Saddles

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    Missed buck experience

    At least it was a clean miss but ditch the powerbelts.
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    What county are you hunting tomorrow?

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    DIY Processing - Trimming for grind

    I partially freeze my meet as well it does work very well.