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    Truck battery or... issue

    Go to Harbor freight and get a $4.99 trickle charger.
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    Sunday Funday

    Is that an invite???
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    Commercials you just can't tolerate?

    Yep, just like social distancing, I was doing it before it was cool or a thing.
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    Commercials you just can't tolerate?

    The cottonelle down there care, " for when he is taking him to meet his mom". Come to think about it, haven't seen that one in a while. But really, any of them, and the Folgers one where the family is white, black, gay, chinese, and messican.
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    Duck River Electric

    I got the same thing from Merriwether[sp] Lewis Electric Corporation in Perry County. Just meant I got power from there.
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    Travel Trailer Owners

    Find somewhere that rents them and try a few to see what you want and need.
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    Biden telling the truth

    Well his teacher taught him how to tell people "Yeah, it's bad now, but I'm just getting started, watch what $5.00 a gallon gas does to save the environment.{"
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    Whoa! That's some wild footage

    Note to self, If Arkansas SP lights it up, just freaking STOP.
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    Oil change... need filters

    Dang RUGER, that's a bargain. The dealer here wanted $79.00 to change the cabin filter on my wife's Rogue and showed me how nasty it was. I opened the glove box and showed him the part number tag from the WIX filter that was in it. And it was $13.99 at O'reilly's.
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    Ventless Gas Fireplace

    I had a ventless heater at the cabin, lit quick, and would run you out if you didn't catch it right. I got it at TSC for around .$220, and it was fuel efficient.
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    Things I should have bought a long time ago

    You can say that again,...oh wait....
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    Things I should have bought a long time ago

    The Colt Peacemaker that matched the New Frontier 22/22 mag I got at Gun City in Nashville. The New Frontier was $112 the Peacemaker was $106, didn't have it. Also the 2 Walther P38's a guy my dad knew that were $45.00 apiece.
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    Wild Boar dishes

    He made chicharrones, we used to render cracklins to make lard, cracklin cornbread, greens, and beans with fresh sausage and chow chow, coma time!!
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    I cried a little 😢

    I bought four for the grands, two will wear them out, two will be playing video games.
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    350LGND reloading thoughts

    DO NOT LOAD H110 or 296 Light, big difference between H and N, H loads may detonate light. DaveB depending on bullet weight, I can see that. Question, is this near a 35 Rem on an AR platform?, say it isn't so, I'm running out of reasons!!!