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  • Regarding the ProPride 3P:
    How would you describe the condition?
    What rating tension bars does it have?
    Did you purchase it new?
    Any parts missing?
    I would be coming quite a ways to pick it up, and would need assurance that our deal is firm.
    I will be in the Cincinnati area this coming weekend, and could run down either Sunday evening or Monday morning to Tennessee to pick it up. Could that work?

    Bow Hunter
    I leave for work at 5 am so early morning doesn't work for me. I could come home at lunch time and meet you then lets say around 11:00 my time, and bring cash. If you need to call me for my address later on my number is 615-351-2857 Mark
    Thanks, that works for me.
    I assume that you're in Central Time Zone, with Daylight Saving Time?
    Bow Hunter
    Yes Central Daylight Time.
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