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    Sandhill Cranes 2021

    Great hunt/info. Thanks for sharing.
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    My Self filmed Public land Tennessee Turkey Hunt

    Great job/presentation. Congrats and good luck with more filming adventures.
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    Reelfoot Lake Duck Hunt

    Just back - had a blast but very few ducks taken. We saw tons flying high. Tons of geese as well. It was a great opportunity to spend time with friends but only 6 yesterday and zero today (should have shot 2 but you know how that goes).
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    Shop is done

    Very nice - well done
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    Could use a prayer please .

    Prayers for healing.
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    Reelfoot Lake Duck Hunt

    Hadn't heard anyone talk about Reelfoot so made me think not great...
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    Reelfoot Lake Duck Hunt

    A guy at work set it up - I believe Camo Collective Outfitters.
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    Reelfoot Lake Duck Hunt

    Have a Reelfoot duck hunt coming up this week - Thursday and Friday. Any news on how its been or expected to be later this week? Thanks.
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    Good luck
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    missing boater on chickamauga

    Prayers for the family - hopefully they locate quickly.
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    Daddy-Daughter Hunt

    Awesome memories that will last your (and her) entire life. Congrats.
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    Prayed up deer

    Awesome - congrats.
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    Well dang, it’s gone.

    Very unfortunate for sure.
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    Prayers Still Needed - My Dad Passed

    Continued prayers
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    WTB CVA Wolf or Optima

    Looking for a CVA Wolf , Optima or something similar - thought I'd check what may be out there now that the season is over.