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    200”x3 - pet vs free range

    They are free range, inside a high fence enclosure. I have been told by people that hunt next to deer farms that sometimes a hole will appear in the fence and they have killed some of the big ones that come through the hole.
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    Reelfoot Deer Hunt

    The main access is through Walnut Log. Some of the land owners along Hwy 22 will grant you access across their land. There is also some state owned land on Hwy 22 that you can go across to access the federal refuge. If you really want to get away from the people go in by boat if you have a...
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    Reelfoot Deer Hunt

    Grassy is a huge block of woods, primarily cypress trees. While you are scouting look for patches of oaks near thick cover. There are small patches of oak trees scattered in the large timber and deer come to them like crazy. Climb a tree and sit as long as you can. They will come to the...
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    Whitetail destination

    Coues in Arizona
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    Quota hunts are out

    Long Point Nov 12-14
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    Walking in to the stand

    I agree with most on here about getting settled in before shooting light. I do use the green light instead of the white light. I just hate it when I bump deer in the dark, it sets a bad tone for the whole day for me. Although I have seen and killed plenty of deer after bumping them it just...
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    Walking in to the stand

    I am bored and ready for season to start so I was wondering, who walks into the stand or hunting spot in the dark and who waits until it is light enough to see and hunt their way in? It does concern me when I walk to my stand in the dark and spook deer. Will that deer come back or are they...
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    When do you kill does?

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    Finally, long Point

    I have hunted Long Point the last 2 years. No deer left. :) Just kidding. Congratulations.
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    Guess the score

    Who is the taxidermist? That looks good.
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    Public land hunting

    I hunt public land exclusively but it is not WMA's. It is land the state owns but it is not part of a WMA but land around lakes or rivers. We go in by boat and NEVER, yes NEVER, see another hunter. We also hunt Federal refuge land that is bow only and closes Nov. 14 for the ducks. Again we...
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    All you .270 users

    Winchester ballistic silver tip
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    America's Worst President?

    Who gives a crap if Trump paid the correct amount of taxes. Me and everyone I know was better off the 4 years he was in office. He truly cared about America and all the people living here. Everything he did was to help America and make us a better and stronger country. Everything Biden has...
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    Meme fun