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    Couple frames

    Whats the secret to framing them and being able to hang them on a wall without the arrowheads following to the bottom of the frame?
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    Planting potatoes this year... who, what and when

    Bump this old thread, when do you put your seed potatoes out? Growing up, the old timers in Southern Indiana did in on St. Patrick's Day
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    870 slug gun question

    My son killed his first buck this year with an 870 using a Winchester SuperX Slug. Was about 60 yards.
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    Gold! 3” 410 shells!!

    I haven't seen them anywhere since pre-covid
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    Rabbit Hunting Expectations?

    Also, here is a link to the best rabbit huntin-beagling site
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    Rabbit Hunting Expectations?

    I've always used dogs. I've never really known anyone who rabbit hunted without them. I've hunted very little private property this year. Mainly have been at LBL and other northern mid TN WMA's. It hasn't really been a successful year for me. I have 3 young pups that are learning and picking it...
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    Cold morning

    Mine are also, got 3 of them that are close to a year old and am trying to break them in.
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    WMA question

    Thats how I read it.
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    LBL Permit

    Does the WMA permit work for LBL OR do you need to buy a hunting permit specific for LBL?
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    Beagle Pups

    I'm in search of a pair of beagle pups. Going to have my young sons start rabbit hunting next season. Dogs don't have to have papers.