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    Free Chick fil A breakfast?

    Not me. What time and which one you buying us chic-fil-a? I’ll be there, hat in hand! 😃
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    Day traders?

    I know it’s a long shot, but will anyone with day trading experience send me a pm? Thanks in advance!! -AA
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    Sold/Expired 1965 Starcraft Runabout

    Please do! This thing is killing me!
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    Sold/Expired Traditions buckstalker and canoe

    What you interested in 4 trade?
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    ISO ambidextrous charging handle.

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    If you pray please pray for me

    Sent. Please keep us updated!
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    Sign on a tree

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    Crazy Virtual (Zoom) Court case

    I just want to know how you found that video 😂
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    Another bad day at work

    Glad you’re okay. Wasn’t that you also who ended up with a search party after an engineer spotted your 4wheeler from the tracks?
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    7.62x51 Walmart Cookeville/Algood

    21.98/box of 20 Winchester FMJ. Better than none.