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    For Sale 3-Rifles for sale

    Quarantine making us all cagey
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    For Sale 3-Rifles for sale

    Salesman of the year lol You wouldn’t be from the gubment would ya? #NotTheAFT
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    WTB Vehicle under $3500

    200k for either of those is just getting broke in!
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    WTB 6-10 hp outboard

    Pm sent
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    WTB 6-10 hp outboard

    Looking for a good/reliable outboard for a small 14’ aluminacraft I just bought. Let me know what you got. Thanks! AA
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    Prayers needed!

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    Something to do…….

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    Pensacola beach fishing

    I had some good luck surf fishing using sand fleas with cut fish bites. Caught some lady fish and whiting and they were a lot of fun. Get a sand rake and learn to catch them sand fleas. Talk with the local bait and tackle store and they’ll be a wealth of info for you. These guys love fishing and...
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    what about rap?

    not sure what or by who but that mumble rap is sure something
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    COVID Gorillas

    We’re the gorillas vaccinated? Also, did they have masks on and/or social distancing?!?!
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    COVID Gorillas

    Unfortunately, we don’t have the gorilla channel so I didn’t even know about this. Hopefully they can get back to fighting soon!
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    well this is sucky news (CWD)

    Two words. Wet aging. Changed my life! Steve rinella has some info about it if interested.
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    New to site

    Oh goodness! I assumed you were the guy and I was trying to really make you feel welcome. Now… I’m a little embarrassed. Anyway, welcome.
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    New to site

    Nor sure which one you are in your profile pic.. but you’re either ugly or pretty hahah Welcome!