Great fun this morning! This is complicated... stick with me. I donated a trip to the Ronald McDonald House Auction a while back... TNDeer's Kirk bought the trip, making a hefty donation to the Ronald McDonald House. Then Kirk turned around and re-donated the trip he bought to Nimrod777, a youth minister, who recruited Kendrick.

Kendrick hasn't had the opportunity to do much fishing... exactly the person that Kirk hoped might enjoy a trip. He did!

We started out on the early-bite bass (in Chickamauga Tailwaters) with some crank baits. The bass were pretty cooperative. It took Kendrick a little while to get the hang of casting... but in short order he was boating fish like a pro. And Kendrick smiles as good as he catches fish.

After the early bass bite died down we switched to catfish. First cast Kendrick added a personal best cat to his personal best bass... more smiles!

It was just an absolute great morning on the water with a young man who truly enjoyed his time on the water. Hopefully he is hooked.

"Hats Off" to Kirk and Keith for making it happen.

A really great reason why life is good and gettin' better every day!

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