Last shooting light and four doe slip in on me. Fifteen yards, I grab my bow and pull up on the lead doe. Durn peep sight is turned sideways. Start dragging it against my face to correct it and the second doe back catches me moving. They are not sure what I am, but they hurriedly walk off. Crap! Chip shot and I have an equipment failure. Count my blessings for the opportunity and tie my bow off and lower it to the ground. Bout the time I get my fanny pack on, they come back. Only now, it's six of them. Drag my bow back up, untie and knock an arrow undetected. Straighten my peep and proceed to draw. \:o Crap again! Peep is dead sideways. I let down and watch them feed out of sight, again just glad for the opportunity. None the less, I'll be twisting on my string tomorrow. Put this stand up yesterday at lunch. Hoping to catch them coming from some persimmon trees. Well it appears to be a good spot. Time for a little tuning and try again. Gotta love it, maybe next time. As I tell everyone that I introduce to bowhunting..."This crap ain't easy!!!"
My parents spanked me as a child... I now suffer from a psychological condition known as "respect for others"