I'm sure one of you computer savy guys can provide the link, but wanted to let you check out some of the most informational pictures I've ever seen for bowhunters that are currently up on the Bowsite.com site. Go to their big game forum and click on the thread titled Shot Placement-What did I do wrong? (or something close to that).

Someone on there has provided a couple of pictures of an antelope that has been skinned down and the ribs removed where the internal organ can be seen as they actually lay in the body cavity. The leg and scapula (shoulder bone) are also visible. According to the person posting, deer and elk are very similar to this antelope in their body structure.

What jumped out to me is that for my 39 years of bow hunting I've probably been aiming too far back on any broadside animals. Due to the "V" in the scapula/leg bone connection, I need to be aiming forward about 3-4" from where I was taught to aim in the spot behind the defined shoulder. Aiming where I normally do, there is very little margin of error if I miss a little back before I'm in the liver/intestines area.

I apologize to the mods if I'm not supposed to bring up another hunting site-but definately think those pictures are worth looking at for most bowhunters.
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